. . . Yes, we work out . . . with donuts.

OK, but for real . . . we do enjoy to work out and we enjoy our workout clothes even more! Because let’s be honest, nothing motivates us to workout more than good looking work out clothes. So we thought that we should start sharing them with you girls, since we love the workout clothes that you lovely ladies wear too!

ps. we tend to wear these pieces, even when we aren’t working out, is that just us ..?

J O Y ‘ S  L O O K :

top : strut-this

leggings : strut-this

shoesadidas tubular

J U S T I ‘ S  L O O K :

top : strut-this

leggings : strut-this

shoes : adidas tubular
*yes, we are matching, what a shocker lol*


hope you girls are enjoying more of these O O T D’s — keep an eye out on insta for more details on our every day outfits!

also, shoutout to our photographer Taylor Alvarez for the great shots.