It’s that time of the year . . . shorts season!

And if you are anything like us, you have a love hate relationship with it. Shorts are not always the easiest thing to find . . . finding the right fit of shorts for you body is key! We wanted to share some of our top favorite short styles with you because sometimes all you need is a little help with finding the perfect pair of shorts, so we got you girls!

We have a few different styles, all are denim + one linen to add some spice 😉 But, you just can’t go wrong with denim shorts! Black denim, blue denim, tan denim . . . it’s all our favorite!

Here are our  T O P  5  S H O R T S  F O R  S U M M E R  . . .

1. H I G H  R I S E  D E N I M  S H O R T   —  Nordstrom

2. F R A Y E D  D E N I M  —  Nordstrom

3. B L A C K  D E N I M  M O M  S H O R T  —  Top Shop

4. T R A D I T I O N A L  D E N I M  S H O R T I E  — Foi Clothing

5. B E I G E  C U T  O F F S  —  Free People


   We would love to hear what shorts are some of your favorites! Comment and let us know, cause we always have our eye out!


J O Y  &  J U S T I


Summer is almost here, but its still June and we are still surviving on the bits of “June gloom”  lingering and allowing us to wear a pair of pants or a long sleeve every once in a while 😉

So until the heat actually hits us, we are going to enjoy these adorable pieces!

We also have an awesome coupon code for you babes!! 20% off on with the code “JOYJUSTI20“. . . trust us, you’re going to want to use it!

-J O Y S  L O O K-

t o p – ella bloom

b o t t o m s – hollister ( yes, I said hollister haha )

s h o e s – target

n e c k l a c e – ella bloom

-J U S T I S  L O O K-

t o p – wasteland

o v e r a l l s – ella bloom

s h o e s – target

b a n d a n a – oli rose designs

b r a c e l e t – ella bloom

Hope you girls enjoyed!


J O Y  &  J U S T I


Its officially S P R I N G.

Thats what the weather is telling us at least . . . cause it is getting warm, no doubt & outfits like these have been lifesavers for all these wedding events we’ve been having! haha

Is it just us, or is anyone else been obsessed with two-piece sets lately?! Both of these outfits are two-piece and we love. *hint hint* ( there may be some two-piece action in Joys wedding ensemble )

J O Y ‘ S  L O O K :

top : morrisday the label

skirt : morrisday the label

shoes : free people

jewelry : little pieces of hope

J U S T I ‘ S  L O O K :

top : morrisday the label

shorts : morrisday the label

shoes : LUX clothing – last season!

jewelry : little pieces of hope

and to make S P R I N G even better, we have 15% off your order on *praise* use the code “JOYJUSTI15” at checkout!



Valentines, Galentines . . . whatever you are celebrating, you gotta look gooooddd! These looks were so adorable, so different, so unique, and so perfect for February 14th!

I mean, who doesn’t like to get all cute for your better half, or with all your friends for the night?! We hit up our favorites, over at L U X Clothing a couple weeks ago and fell in L O V E with these looks!

To be honest, it was so not something I would pick out at first ( Joy here! Heyyyy! ), but once it was on, I was like “yessssssss”.


Dress, NY Lights Dress

Top, Hide and Seek Top

Jacket, In The Grove Coat

Heels, Sonnet Buckle Up Boots

This coat is one of our F A V E S right now. Me and Justi both have it ( in two different colors so we can switch off, duh haha ) and it is so warm! And you are in luck, they have it in multiple colors so you will definitely need to get one 😉


Dress, Line Satin Slip Dress

Jacket, But I Love You Fur

Booties, Night Out Ankle Velvet Bootie

Bag, Last Dance Clutch

Sunnies, Galaxy Cat Eyed Sunnies

This ‘free people’ inspired bag has us both obsessed. Perfect for a night out, to dress up your look so effortlessly!

We hope you gals enjoyed our Valentines inspired O O T D! We have more on the way, so stay tuned!


joy & justi





Our number one thing for our trip to New York was spending time in the infamous Central Park. Let’s just say that Central Park definitely didn’t disappoint! Not only was it the backdrop for so many scenes from our favorite movies but it was also extra magical because it was the middle of fall & everything was either red, yellow, or orange!! (being from Southern California, that is so weird to us) The one thing we will advise if you’re ever going to New York is to set aside time for Central Park — because we literally loved it so much & our only regret was not spending a full day there.

 img_4262  img_4249 img_4248


Sweater // Nordstrom Rack

Leather Jacket // Brandy Melville

Jeans // Topshop Moto Leigh 

Shoes // Adidas

Hat // Century 21

Bag // Urban Outfitters

Sunnies // Ray-Ban

img_4253 img_4250 img_4243


Shirt // H&M

Coat // Brandy Melville

Jeans // Topshop Joni Jeans

Shoes // Rebok (Urban Outfitters)

Rings // H & M

Bag // TJ Maxx

Sunglasses // Ray-Ban

img_4222 img_4231 img_4225

T O P  O F  T H E  R O C K-

One of our favorite spots that we made it to during our trip to New York City. The Top of the Rockefeller Center has one of the most insane & panoramic views of the entire skyline of NYC. We were so excited to see this spot especially since we would be able to see the Empire State Building from a “birds eye” view. You do have to buy tickets, but the plus side is that you can stay there for as long as you want (until they close) + they have 3 different decks & a little gift shop so you can constantly be entertained!

Tip: Buy your tickets around/before sunset, so that way you’re able to see what it looks like during the way + when the sun is going down, but then you’re also able to see all of the cities lights gradually turn on. 

img_4227 img_4224 img_4238

That’s it for this post babes, we hope you enjoyed seeing two of our favorite spot from our NYC trip. + Keep an eye out for a haul that’s coming up soon, as well!


Joy & Justi