We’re so excited to finally introduce our newest series with one of our favorite babe’s ever, Taylor Utley.

This girl is one of the sweetest, most genuine, heartfelt people that we have ever met & we love everything that she stands for + everything that she does. Her fashion sense is killer & she’ll wear things that you’ve never thought of putting together but will end up making you want to buy the exact outfit she’s wearing. (we always mess around & say that she could not only pull off wearing a trash bag, but she’ll end up making you want to wear one too, LOL.) But, ultimately the thing that we inspire most about her is her passion for the Lord & how she’s never afraid to proclaim His name & make Him known, rather than herself. Below, we’re going to include a little bit more about her & some of the questions that we asked when interviewing her. + Make sure you go check out her new & updated blog.. it’s adorable!!!

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What’s your blog called?

My blog is called Taylor Hayden, even though my last name hasn’t changed yet.. lol But it will soon! I am so excited to start this new blog and this new chapter. Here is the link: http://taylorutley.wixsite.com/blog

How did you start your blog?

I started my first blog back in 2014. It started out as a place where I wrote poems, devotionals from personal bible studies, and a place to kind of journal all of my thoughts. I wasn’t good about posting weekly and I only wrote when I was inspired by something. I had always dreamed of creating a fashion blog because I love styling clothing and playing around with different brands and trends. I didn’t think I had enough money to keep up with the trends or enough collaboration opportunities being from a small town. I also thought people wouldn’t understand why I wanted to be “a blogger” or they wouldn’t care to read it. This year has been one that has brought many changes. God has shown me that I am not someone that fits the mold of having a 9-5 job. I love to create things, capture things, travel, grow, and I crave inspiration. I love these things, and God has shown me that it is ok to step out. I made the decision to stop allowing fear to creep in and limit my abilities and desires. I began to reach out to modeling agencies, boutiques, clothing companies, and really started to grow myself on social media as an influencer. I want to use my platform to do what I love, inspire other people to step out and do what they love. All while giving the glory to God.

What’s your inspo for your blog?

I am a freelance model and my fiance is a videographer/photographer so I feel that I could create some pretty amazing content. My inspiration would have to be lifestyle! I definitely want to incorporate my love for fashion & styling clothing into my posts. I want to model my own style inspiration. The majority of my content will be clothing hauls, DIY’s, seasonal look books, collaborations, videos of who knows what and a few laughs here and there.

Do you have a full time job besides the blog? If so, how do you balance a blog plus a job?

I do! I have a few jobs actually. I love to stay busy! I run a coffee shop with my fiance Noah called Barber Bistro Coffee. Look it up on insta: @BarberBistroCoffee. When I’m not slinging lattes you will find me at the gym. (No I don’t workout) haha. I teach competitive dancers tumbling a few nights a week at a tumbling studio. I also help out with my aunts boutique here in my home town! It can be hard to manage at times but I just bring my laptop with me everywhere I go. It’s also nice that I can treat my coffee shop as an office 😉

Where are you from?

I am from Evansville, Indiana. Dreaming of Southern California.

What’s your favorite drink to get from a coffee shop?

Well this is a hard one… I love pour overs, but my go to drink would be a 6oz capp.

Favorite place to shop?

Oh my. Zara, Topshop, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville. Nasty Gal. I can’t choose one.

Favorite online store?

Brandy Melville or Missguided. I don’t have either of these stores within 1,000 miles of me so these are my GO TO for online shopping.

Lastly, what’s your ultimate goal for the blog?

I want my blog to be a positive and creative environment where women can be inspired. I want my posts to be authentic and raw, not intimidating or unachievable. I don’t want people to see my posts and be jealous or think they cant achieve what I am putting out there. I’m just an overly caffeinated woman who loves clothing and lattes with a mind that never sleeps 🙂


& that’s a wrap for our first feature on the series babes we love! Be sure to stay tuned every month to see who we feature. Also, if you or someone you know has a story, a blog, or anything that you want to make known to the world, email us at joyandjusti.com & we would love to feature you on babes we love!

Just as our goal for this series is to take the eyes off of ourselves & focus on others – go encourage someone who’s taking a chance in this crazy world & straying away from the traditional 9-5. Instead of simply displaying jealousy to someone who has a youtube channel, blog, or is a business owner, go out of your way to encourage & love them in the venture that they’re doing!

We love all you babes & hope you have the greatest day. Till next time..

xo, Joy & Justi

The whole reason that we wanted to start a blog, was so that we would be able to show people all the products & trends that were working for us & that we were loving. We figured that a monthly favorites video would be the perfect way to show you that! Take a look at the things that we’ve been trying & are obsessed with, as well as the products that have been making a huge change in our lives/routines! Let us know if you love any of these products or if there are any other products that you all think we should try!

Until next time, babes!


Joy & Justi




If we could only have one season for the rest of your lives.. it would be FALL.
Granted, yes. Every single girl loves fall at some point or another, but I think we have a greater fascination with it. Because of our total love for the fall season & everything that comes with it, we figured we would dedicate an entire post for all the things that we love during fall & all that we’re looking forward to.


There’s nothing like experiencing some chilly weather & having a reason to curl up in your favorite sweater — or there’s nothing like a cold fall morning. It’s the perfect in-between of cold but not unbearable that makes it all the more enjoyable. We love the feeling of being able to be close to people & enjoying the warmth, unlike summer when you’re trying to stay 30 miles away from everyone because it’s so hot out. ++ there’s no greater feeling than actually feeling like you could drink a cup of tea without sweating!!! (this is what happens when you’re from Southern California like us)

Not only is the temperature the best at this time a year, but THANKSGIVING is um, the best holiday of the year. We love all the food that comes with it + the opportunity to spend it with our families & close friends.
&& can we just get an AMEN for Pumpkin Pie?! We would eat that stuff year round if it was acceptable.

While we’re talking about pumpkin pie — anything pumpkin related is an automatic yes to us. Whether it be a pumpkin pastry, a pumpkin spice latte, a pumpkin scented candle, you name it & we most likely love it. There’s something in our brains that I feel associates pumpkin with a warm & cozy feeling that makes you just want to curl up by the fire place & drink a cup of tea.

CANDLES — these bad boys are at their all time peak during fall & winter!! The scents are unbelievably delightful, plus they’re perfect for a relaxation tip during the holiday season. Whether it’s something sweet smelling or a little bit more masculine, you can find the most amazing candles during this time of the year.

But lastly, our most favorite thing about fall is the fashion. This is hands down our favorite season when it comes to clothes, why you ask? Because there are so many options & it’s so fun to get dressed! You have the options of warm colors that typically wouldn’t be, during the rest of the year + the options of layering + booties/boots galore! The best part about fall fashion is that it’s not cold enough to the point where you have to compromise on your wardrobe choices but it’s super easy to make an outfit work by simply layering an extra sweater or a fun jacket!


We hope you guys are looking forward to this season as much as we are! Stay tuned for a bunch of posts every week + we’re going to begin to mix in video’s every week too — just so that way it’s more personal & you guys can get to know the real us a little more! So if you have any video’s that you’d like to see for the month’s of October or November, just leave us a comment or shoot us an email!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post & just listening to us talk about everything that we’re looking forward to in this season.



We spent a day together in the lovely Temecula Valley and decided to snap some photos along the way and share some of our favorite spots in town!

So come along, and see what we ate, drank, and wore . . . cause obviously thats the most important part l o l.

F I R S T  S T O P // GETTING READYPhoto Aug 23, 10 24 46 AMWe always end up getting ready together. We attempt to get ready at our own houses and then be able to walk out the door when we get together, butttttt it never really works out that way and we tend to find ourselves rushing out the door and calling the other one to tell them that we are going to have to do our hair and makeup at their house… but we love it.

S E C O N D  S T O P // PUBLIC HOUSEPhoto Aug 23, 6 17 10 AMWe  l o v e  food. Are we the only ones that get together and can’t wait for lunch or dinner, so we can go eat somewhere delicious?! Okay…don’t answer that question unless it’s a Y E S haha. We decided to go to a new place called Public House. There are two locations :: one in Murrieta and one in Temecula. Both are in Old Towns, so they have super a cute vibes & you can’t beat it. There food is  b e y o n d  amazing, it’s a must try. Photo Aug 23, 6 20 04 AMJusti got the :: Caesar Salad with Ahi & the House Fries

Joy got the :: Joy got a salad and its really bothering me that I can’t remember the name… but it was so good. Thats all you need to know. L O L Photo Aug 23, 6 36 28 AM

T H I R D  S T O P // BEANPhoto Aug 23, 7 56 06 AMB E A N  C O F F E E  R O A S T E R S  *Praise* 

Thank the lord almighty for good coffee with an amazing atmosphere. Joy & Justi do a lot of blogging here and consume a lot of Vanilla Lattes & Chai Latte’s with coconut milk. We drink it likes its water, but don’t judge. Photo Aug 23, 7 56 45 AM . . . . . We also just confirmed out love for their  m a c a r o o n s  &  their almond cookies. T D F aka. TO DIE FOR. Photo Aug 23, 8 03 17 AM


So this was out first shoot with JUST US. And when we say, just us… we really mean, just us. We took our own pictures and everything. It was actually really fun, and comical laughing at ourselves trying to get good pictures. Now you must be wondering, how did you get that picture of the both of you?! We sat the camera on top of the car, hit the timer, and R A N. But we got one good picture and called it good l o l.

There is nothing better than finishing off a long day with a relaxing drive through the backroads. Turning on some country music and enjoying the sunset . . . A M E N. So we wanted to share a little relaxation with you and have you enjoy the ride with us!

X O Joy & Justi 

Night time routine, you ask? Yes girl , Y E S. 

FIRST THINGS FIRST, before we get into that night time routine + some of our essentials, let’s talk about something that has been a must have for us & totally life changing. What is it you might ask? …. It’s a BOOK.

THE POWER OF WHEN written by Michael Breus

Who doesn’t want to know when the best time to go to sleep, wakeup, eat, and more? We do! We can hardly figure out what we are going to do minute to minute, much-less the perfect time to go to sleep and times to read.

It was so fun to be able to find out my c h r o n o  t y p e and read all about it. for the both of us, it hit the nail on the head. literally. hahaha all the way down to calling me out on “carrying my weight around the middle” um, a littler personal but so true, we died laughing.

So im not going to give away too much, cause we want Y O U to go and read the book. We aren’t lying when we say that it is so interesting. Its hard for us to pick up and book and continue to read it, but this book actually keeps you readying and interested to fid out how your body works and what is the best “timing” for it.

We can’t wait to give it a try and see how it helps us, cause we all can use a little extra energy, are we right? *I’ll go ahead and answer that for everyone* Y E S!

Now, heres the fun and exciting part… we are giving away T W O of the books to our followers! * P R A I S E * All you have to do is, go to our Instagram and follow a few day steps . . .


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and . . . T H A T ‘ S  A L L!

We will be picking the winners by Monday the 5th!

G O O D  L U C K  B A B E S


NOW LET’S GET INTO THIS NIGHT ROUTINE —> We just want to show you some of our essentials when we come home & want to get ready for bed!



It’s impossible for either of us to feel relaxed until we’ve taken off all the dirt & make up off our faces. To do this we love to use our Clarisonic & some face wash to ensure that everything is off & we get the deepest cleanse as possible!


These are products that we use every single day & are always a part of our night time routine.
One of our FAVORITE products that no one seems to know about is this Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse. One words for you, AMAZING. It is a makeup cleansing oil that not only removes your makeup so easily ( waterproof mascara and all ) but it also exfoliates your skin… ask us how that works, we don’t know, but its the best thing ever.



Lighting a candle is something that get’s us started in the relaxing period of our day. We don’t know why, but there’s something about having a candle lit that just immediately relaxes you & your body. (we go through candles like none other)

Instead of getting on our phones & getting sucked into scrolling through social media for 5 hours, it’s best to relax – journal – & read a book. Currently going through The Power of When & we love it!! It’s so great finding out what works best for your particular body/personality type.


THAT’S IT! We hope you enjoyed finding out what goes into getting ready for bed on one of our typical nights + we wish you luck on the giveaway!