Summer is almost here, but its still June and we are still surviving on the bits of “June gloom” ¬†lingering and allowing us to wear a pair of pants or a long sleeve every once in a while ūüėČ

So until the heat actually hits us, we are going to enjoy these adorable pieces!

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-J O Y S  L O O K-

t o p –¬†ella bloom

b o t t o m s – hollister ( yes, I said hollister haha )

s h o e s – target

n e c k l a c e –¬†ella bloom

-J U S T I S  L O O K-

t o p – wasteland

o v e r a l l s –¬†ella bloom

s h o e s – target

b a n d a n a –¬†oli rose designs

b r a c e l e t –¬†ella bloom

Hope you girls enjoyed!


J O Y  &  J U S T I


 . . . Yes, we work out . . . with donuts.

OK, but for real . . . we do enjoy to work out and we enjoy our workout clothes even more! Because let’s be honest, nothing motivates us to workout more than good looking work out clothes. So we thought that we should start sharing them with you girls, since we love¬†the workout clothes that you lovely ladies wear too!

ps. we tend to wear these pieces, even when we aren’t working out, is that just us ..?

J O Y ‘ S ¬†L O O K :

top : strut-this

leggings : strut-this

shoes : adidas tubular

J U S T I ‘ S ¬†L O O K :

top : strut-this

leggings : strut-this

shoes : adidas tubular
*yes, we are matching, what a shocker lol*


hope you girls are enjoying more of these O O T D’s — keep an eye out on insta for more details on our every day outfits!

also, shoutout to our photographer Taylor Alvarez for the great shots.



Its officially S P R I N G.

Thats what the weather is telling us at least . . . cause it is getting warm, no doubt & outfits like these have been lifesavers for all these wedding events we’ve been having! haha

Is it just us, or is anyone else been obsessed with two-piece sets lately?! Both of these outfits are two-piece and we love. *hint hint* ( there may be some two-piece action in Joys wedding ensemble )

J O Y ‘ S ¬†L O O K :

top : morrisday the label

skirt : morrisday the label

shoes : free people

jewelry : little pieces of hope

J U S T I ‘ S ¬†L O O K :

top : morrisday the label

shorts : morrisday the label

shoes : LUX clothing – last season!

jewelry : little pieces of hope

and to make S P R I N G even better, we have 15% off your order on¬†¬†*praise* use the code “JOYJUSTI15” at checkout!



Summer¬†is right around the corner & that means it’s crunch time (literally) to get those summer bodies ready.¬†
Although, we do believe that you’re the best version of you already & that you’ve been created by a God who loves you & has made you in His image, which is the¬†¬†most important thing of all- there’s nothing like a little motivation to get you healthy + ready for this upcoming summer.
As many of you might already know, (especially if you follow us on instagram) we recently just came off Whole30 & although it was SO hard, it was also SO rewarding. It’s safe to say that Whole30 definitely jump started a new season of healthy living for both of us. Not only is eating healthy one of the¬†most crucial things to a healthy lifestyle, but working out obviously goes hand in hand with eating healthy.

One of our biggest motivations when it comes to working out is getting¬†super cute workout clothes. Ladies, I don’t know what it is– but getting new (& cute) workout clothes is one of the biggest motivating factors, for us. That’s why today we want to show you some of our favorite workout looks from¬†Onzie!

+ read till the end to see how we keep our skin looking like we’ve been sun bathing all winter long, without actually going out to get a glowing tan.¬†


Joy’s outfit is a super cute combination of this stone (grey)¬†& white outfit. These leggings have the cutest mesh cutout’s that you will not be able to walk out without getting compliments on. (legitimately,¬†have gotten over 10¬†compliments on them)
Not only is this outfit adorable & so comfortable + it’s so cute because you’re capable of wearing them to workout or just to run errands.

leggings– fierce legging / white combo

bra top– chic bra / stone

long sleeve–¬†seamless¬†long sleeve mesh top / stone




Justi’s outfit includes the cutest bra/crop top which also happens to be the most comfortable top. The white/snakeskin combination is super unique + the strappy wrap back is super secure. The stone leggings with mesh cutout’s are amazing because they’re not see through at all so there’s¬†no¬†worrying about if you’re showing!

leggings Рhigh rise bondage legging / stone fishnet combo

wrap bra Р jedi

Lastly, our getting summer ready essential is self tanner.

¬†Loving Tan,¬†is always our go to self tanner. We’ve rant & raved about it before but loving tan has some of the best self tanner on the market. It goes on dry & gives you the most glowing color (+ isn’t orange at all). Self tanning is also the healthier alternative to¬†tanning-¬† tanning beds or sun bathing can be so bad for you, so if you want that glowing look-¬†self tan.¬†


Joy & Justi

Happy Valentine’s or Galentine’s day to all you, beautiful babes!For this week’s post, we figured we would throw it back to some of our more OG posts & do a simple fashion/ootd post. Our moto has always been “the more simple, the better”¬†& I feel like that’s what we were able to accomplish in our Valentine’s Day outfit looks- while still throwing in pop’s of pink,¬†making it festive, duh!

SIDE NOT: This day of shooting, was a faaaaail. We started off with four super cute¬†balloons but not even 5 minutes into the shoot, we lost the “X” to our “XO”. But don’t worry,¬†the show¬†must go on. Then we were left with two big white¬†balloons but sure enough about 15 minutes later, our balloon met his enemy (flew into a bush) and he popped into a million pieces. Either way, we still had the¬†best¬†time shooting these looks for you babes!¬†

Now, let’s get into these outfits!


Jacket: Shop Lux Clothing (out of stock)
Shirt: Stitch & Feather
Jeans: Free People
Booties: Matisse Footwear
Bag: Elle & Jae Gypset


Dress: Lux Clothing
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Shoes: Free People
Bag: Elle & Jae Gypset


Now let’s talk about a company + some products that we love.¬†Elle & Jae Gypset.

Their products are not only exceptional quality they’re also convenient to get. (you can get them on their website or on Nordstrom even) Most importantly they’re always guaranteed to be in style + right on with every newest trend. We can’t get enough of their bags + they’re super cute with a laid back boho style + the quality of all the materials they use is amazing + they’re totally economical for the statement bag that you’re receiving, basically we love EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!

If you love their bags as much as we do, Elle & Jae Gypset is¬†exclusively¬†offering Joy & Justi’s followers a discount code to get 15% off on their site! How amazing is that?!

Coupon Code: ELLEJAEVDAY15

Be sure to not miss out on this opportunity to get these adorable bags at an even more affordable price!

That’s it for this week’s post, babes! Thank you guys for following along!¬†
Until next week.