Valentines, Galentines . . . whatever you are celebrating, you gotta look gooooddd! These looks were so adorable, so different, so unique, and so perfect for February 14th!

I mean, who doesn’t like to get all cute for your better half, or with all your friends for the night?! We hit up our favorites, over at L U X Clothing a couple weeks ago and fell in L O V E with these looks!

To be honest, it was so not something I would pick out at first ( Joy here! Heyyyy! ), but once it was on, I was like “yessssssss”.


Dress, NY Lights Dress

Top, Hide and Seek Top

Jacket, In The Grove Coat

Heels, Sonnet Buckle Up Boots

This coat is one of our F A V E S right now. Me and Justi both have it ( in two different colors so we can switch off, duh haha ) and it is so warm! And you are in luck, they have it in multiple colors so you will definitely need to get one 😉


Dress, Line Satin Slip Dress

Jacket, But I Love You Fur

Booties, Night Out Ankle Velvet Bootie

Bag, Last Dance Clutch

Sunnies, Galaxy Cat Eyed Sunnies

This ‘free people’ inspired bag has us both obsessed. Perfect for a night out, to dress up your look so effortlessly!

We hope you gals enjoyed our Valentines inspired O O T D! We have more on the way, so stay tuned!


joy & justi




We’re all about good eats, coffee, chai tea latte’s, & good vibes.
It’s definitely safe to say, we spend a good part of our money grabbing coffee + going out to eat, “just to kill time”. Granted, yes, we are a little pathetic- but we figured we would take this pastime of ours to show you some of our favorite places to grab coffee + find new ones to show you babes!

We’re so excited to announce that this is the beginning of our new series called, “Coffee Crawls with Joy & Justi”.

In our new series, we’re going to include a checklist that we look for whenever we go to a new coffee spot. This is the mental checklist that we’ve always made in our heads that determines if a coffee shop is “good” or not- but we’re finally taking it from a mental checklist to a physical checklist so we can share it with all of our bff’s (you guys).

san diego, ca

The home of the infamous “Coffee + Flowers” that floats around pinterest all of the time.
When we found out that this adorable coffee shop was only about an hour from our home towns, we made a drive down to beautiful San Diego to see what all the hype was about + to take some instagram pictures, if we’re being honest!

One of our favorite things here at Joy & Justi are businesses that combine & collaborate with other small business/business owners. It’s one of the raddest things to see the collaborations between two completely different companies that end up creating a uniting + unique vibe & a creative atmosphere that your generic coffee shops or stores aren’t going to have. Granted, we just thought the Coffee + Flowers sign was cute.. but we didn’t realize that they actually sold coffee and flowers!!!

Now, let’s go through our checklist & see what we thought about Communal Coffee!


As pathetic as we sound, in our current day & age.. this is a legitimate issue! In our generation, we’re always wanting to go to the newest or cutest coffee shop. & We’re no different than anyone else + if we’re being honest, we will drive the extra 5 miles to go to a place that has cute decor!

Communal Coffee passes our “aesthetically pleasing” checklist with FLYING colors. I don’t think there’s anything we would change about the vibe or aesthetics of the place but we definitely want to transfer everything about it into our house!


Seating is a big issue with a lot of coffee shops! There are coffee shops that have a great ambience + great drinks but they don’t have any seating! It’s definitely hard when you go into a coffee shop with the intention of studying or working but there’s no place to sit… so you just end up walking out.

Communal Coffee is loaded with tons of seating & chairs! The maximum sitting occupancy is probably 50 people, with plenty of individual tables, tables for parties of four, & also a long farmhouse style table that will fit about 10 people. If you’re looking for a place to work or do homework, you’re almost always going to be guaranteed seating here!



Imagine you’re working on a project & you’re halfway done, so you obviously don’t want to leave to stop your workflow but you’re starving.. if you leave you’re going to have to start all over.  But having the option to grab food at a coffee shop is always a great thing because you’re able to work & eat! Talk about convenient. 
Communal Coffee has an extensive yet simple breakfast & lunch menu to chose from, so there’s something for everyone!



Vanilla Latte w/ Almond Milk.
Would definitely give it a solid 7.5/10, the espresso was great but the only thing I wasn’t the biggest fan of was how sweet it was! That may just be a preference of mine but I prefer when the espresso takes more of the front seat instead of the vanilla, if that makes any sense. 


Iced Chai Tea Latte w/ Almond Milk.
I would rate it a 7/10 just because it was a little too “chai-y”, aka there was so much cinnamon I felt like it was kind of burning my throat. I prefer coconut milk sometimes as well, so it’s nice when coffee shops have both options for your drink!



This is the cutest little floral + gift shop that is in the same location as Communal Coffee. Not only do you have the opportunity to eat, dine, & study but you can also shop + stop to get some florals! We’re obsessed with the combination of the two ideas. They have the raddest brands + unique things that you won’t find at your average mom & pop shop! If you’re in the area, I would definitely suggest stopping by & getting some shopping done – especially if you’re looking for gifts!

Native Poppy’s Instagram



I know what you’re thinking, “these girls are pathetic”, but this is something we totally think about! Either way, Communal Coffee + Native Poppy have tons of different photo op’s plus adorable backgrounds to snap some pictures of. We love being able to look around while sipping our coffee or eating our breakfast & thinking “let’s snap a picture of that!”

They win with a 10/10.




Hope all you babes loved this post + stay tuned for our monthly “coffee crawls” series! If you have any suggestions/recommendations for places that we should try, be sure to comment them below. Until next time!



I think it’s safe to say, that the most important part of a wedding (besides the fact that you’re getting married, obviously) is the wedding dress. This is the dress that we’ve all envisioned ourselves wearing when we were 5 years old & dreaming of our wedding. This is the only dress that will stand out above all other dresses that we will ever wear. This is the dress that we’ll be wearing in the pictures that we’ll stare at for the rest of our lives.

Not only was getting my wedding dress HUGE in light of the wedding planning process but it was one of the most joyful + enjoyable days of my lives, that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. My number one tip for any bride that is getting prepped for going wedding dress shopping is just have fun. Thankfully, I was blessed enough to get my wedding dress at the first store I ever went to, but if you’re not able- don’t get down! There are thousands of wedding dresses + tons of wedding dress boutiques out there so remain joyful + happy & know that you will eventually find your perfect wedding dress. 

Just because I’ve gotten one wedding dress definitely doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing by any means! But, I did want to go over some tips that I wish I would have known prior to going to my dress fitting. These little tips will help make sure that you’re wedding dress shopping goes as smoothly as possible! – because who want’s added stress on top of all that wedding planning?


Some bridal boutique’s have a suggested limit as to how many people you’re able to bring with you to your fitting. This “max count” varies between boutique but they’re also flexible because they have this suggested max limit for your well being & so you’re not overwhelmed! When I was first getting ready + making appointment, I was so confused because of this max guest count but after talking to a few different consultants they reminded me that it’s solely there so that way the bride isn’t getting 500 opinions from her 50 siblings + friends that wanted to come to her dress fitting! (how do you say no??)

Where I got my dress, they had a guest limit of 3 people, but they were happy to make exceptions when I called before hand! I told them that I was wanting my grandma + future mother in law to come and of course they had no problem with it! All together, I brought my mom, grandma, maid of honor- Joy, bridesmaid- Isabel, and my future mother in law! (Plus, we had like 5 people on FaceTime! haha) This was the best group I could have ever asked for!

My tip for who to bring with you is to bring people who are going to be encouraging, honest, but not critical! You want your friends + family to tell you if you honestly don’t look good in a dress that you’re trying on but you also want them to allow you to decide if you like the general idea of a dress on your own. Be open to suggestions but remember that they’re suggestions, ultimately it’s about what you’re going love on your wedding day!


I went to Grace Loves Lace in Los Angeles, CA. For years, I had seen tons of their dresses on instagram but for a while they were based solely out of Australia + had their online store, which I thought was such a bummer because the dresses were stunning! But as soon as I got engaged, I realized that they had just opened up a store front in Los Angeles- so I knew I had to try wedding dresses at Grace Loves Lace.


My tip on where to go to try on dresses- Try to limit your options. Does that sound weird? Let me explain!
If you’re able to go on a dress boutique’s instagram or find boutique’s with online stores and catalogs, find boutiques with styles that you like! In the wedding dress shopping process, it can be hard because the more dresses you try on the more confused that you’re going to get! All of that to say- if you know that a boutique has one (or more) dresses that you already love + could see yourself getting married in, go there first!

Originally, when I was scheduling out my fitting appointments, I had scheduled two- Grace Loves Lace and The Lovely Bride. The Lovely Bride has STUNNING dresses + a ton of different vendors but I realized that I knew Grace Loves Lace had dresses that I could see myself wearing on my wedding day so I told myself that there was no point on trying a ton of excess dresses!
& I’m so glad I made that decision!!

it’s safe to say.. 1. I wasn’t feeling the pictures 2. I forgot I was writing up this blog post so I didn’t take any decent pictures. 


The best thing to do prior to going to try on dresses- find some inspiration on instagram or pinterest! Finding inspiration can definitely help eliminate some stress if you at least know what type of style you’re wanting to get! Granted, remember that inspiration is just that, inspiration– get inspired from it but realize that you’re not looking for that exact thing! The funniest thing is that I went in having one thing that I was almost completely sure that I was going to get & got the opposite.

My tip for what dresses to try on is to have some general ideas of what you’re looking for but remember that you’re not tied down to that style! It’s okay to get something different that you didn’t originally plan on getting. When you’re trying wedding dresses on the most important thing to ask yourself is, “Can I see myself getting married in this?”. This is the question that I asked myself on every dress and it’s what helped me the most of narrowing down the dress that I’m going to wear when I marry the love of my life!

SAYING YES TO THE DRESS BROUGHT TEARS TO EVERYONE WHO WAS THERE — This was the picture that Joy & I took immediately after I realized that I had found the dress I was gonna wear. Tears +all, this was the best picture we could get because I had my wedding dress on!


Thank you babes for reading about the most spectacular day of saying yes to the dress! I can’t wait to finally show all you babes my gorgeous gown. I hope these tips help you babes before going to your dress fitting + I would love to hear some of your tips! Be sure to stay tuned to our wedding series because we have a lot of fun post’s coming up!



Where have we been? Why have we been so MIA?
Life has a way with letting us get so wrapped up & consumed by things. There are times when you just need to step back, relax/breathe so that you can become inspired in what you do. This is a question that we have been getting constantly on our instagram & blog, so we figured that we should chat with you guys + let you know what’s been going on.


Life has been crazy on my end but that’s no excuse for us being so absent of course!
December was full of family, friends, tons of events + a lot of wedding planning! Not only has life been crazy busy, but there are times when you purposely have to unplug & allow yourself to rest.


I know I mentioned on my engagement story that I was going to be doing a wedding series & half of you are probably like — “where is that even at?”, but don’t worry guys, it’s coming! The reason that I haven’t added much on my wedding series is because I’ve done most of my planning this month. (Let’s keep in mind that my wedding is in April, safe to say i’m procrastinating) Therefore, one of the reasons I was so MIA was because I was trying to figure out a lot of the logistics of wedding planning + wedding details. Wedding planning is a full time job-hence why people hire wedding planners- so that on top of every other responsibility in life has had me going 25/8. But, on the bright side – this week has brought me a ton of opportunities to check stuff off my wedding list & I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve done in regards to planning the best day of my life! + there’s a wedding series blog post that will be up this Monday.


Joy & I LOVED being able to do vlogmas. The feedback we got + how much fun we had doing it was definitely something we want to continue doing with our blogs/lives! Besides the fact that we loved doing it- it took up a lot of time to send clips over, edit, and upload. But, it was all just a matter of time & a matter of getting used to something new! Safe to say, it was a learning process. If we were to do vlogmas again- it would go so much smoother (well we like to think it would), but like everything else, it was just a learning process that we needed to adjust to.
Doing new things can be scary + fun, but mainly fun. 


Not everyone knows this, but I own a dancewear store, @thedanceshoppeoc. love my job & everything about it. I love the industry that I work in & I love my coworkers — similar to blogging, it never feels like I’m going to work. But after having the craziest summer of my life, traveling multiple times within weeks in the fall, getting engaged,  wedding planning, ministry, & everything else in between.. I WAS RUNNING ON FUMES. Taking two weeks off from work, unplugging from social media, & just enjoying my friends + family was the best decision I could have made for my sanity. 

There are times in life where you have to make an “executive decision” & allow yourself some time to breath. Allow yourself to remember what you’re doing & why you’re doing it — asking yourself the question, “am I doing this because I want to boost my pride or because this is what God has me doing?” Times of revaluation are the times where we allow God to show us & re-align are wants + desires to His.
Although taking this time & being mia wasn’t ideal, there was growth from it. This was not only what I needed to become motivated but it was the new & fresh creative spark that my business & Joy + Justi needed. We’re so excited to show you guys all that we’ve been working on in this new year!



Now its my turn!

As I am sitting here sick in bed, it just adds to the many reasons of why I’ve / we have been so MIA ( lol at how may times are we going to say “MIA” in this post!). But I hate being away from the blog, and our business is no excuse! We S O enjoyed vlogmas & definitely want to start vlogging more for you guys… I feel like it gives you guys as the viewers, a more personal connection!


I’m not planning a wedding of my own, but as Justi’s maid-of-honor, I feel like I am…and I love it! I love how we are literally the SAME person and love all the same things, so that definitely makes it easy! She/we have dealt with some stresses ( as comes with planning a wedding ) and major plans getting changed, leaving you feeling discouraged and stressed but they have all taught the both of us a lot. Teaching me to be more open to new ideas, to not stress when trouble gets thrown at you, to be humble and to be blessed. Its easy to over look these simple things in the midst of craziness!

Starting January 7th, Shane’s Supercross season started! It calls for events every weekend, traveling, and adding a little more business to life but I love it. I love supporting and being there for him! Its a fun time, Justi and Tj are always there to support and its an awesome time! This past Saturday, Shane won his first ever Supercross race… we were ecstatic! It was a moment full of emotion, excitement, thrill, and left us feeling so thankful! Life throws us ups and down, it comes along everything in life. No matter what your job is, riding a dirt bike for a living, being a hairstylist, or working in an office, its not always a joy haha So to be able to see him hit a goal that he has been reaching for since he was 5 . . . I was speechless!

Work has been so fun and has kept me busy learning and growing and I’m so thankful for all of it! I work in a salon, its fast pace, but I get to interact with people and do what I love & I wouldn’t change any of it!

I know me and Justi both, look at other bloggers and wish we had more time to spend on the blog and not have to work haha but at the same time, that was the heart behind us starting a blog! We wanted to be the “real life” bloggers. The girls who juggle working full time, being in relationships, spending time with family & friends, and balancing it all with having fun! We want to be the girls who share products that we truly, truly love. Products that excite us and we simply just want to share that with you! Not to make us sound “popular” ( cause we so are not haha ) but we have turned down companies that we weren’t head over heels for, because we have vowed to be completely honest with you girls…always!


So with all of that, here is to 2 0 1 7 *praise*

We are b e y o n d excited to start off this year…to see where it takes us and what comes with it! We are excited, rested up, and the holidays are over, so we can get back into it! Its going to be fun, exciting, and full of style, wedding details, recipes, workouts, VLOGGING, marriage, DIY’s, friendships, travel, and so much more!

Our New Years resolutions consist of ::

– Consistency

-New & fun content


-and most importantly, getting to know all you girls!

We can’t wait to continue on this journey with you all… H E L L O, 2 0 1 7!


Joy & Justi



Honestly, I know what you are probably thinking . . .

“They love every product though…”

Well thats because we only share with you girls products and companies that we truly love and are passionate about! No non-sense here 😉

So lets be real. We all don’t have the blissful time to layout on the beach and get a sun kissed glow all the time ( though we wish… ) && so this is where our love for self tanners comes into play! And let me tell you, self tanners have come a L O N G way. All the guys in our lives still give us a hard time, thinking we will be “orange”. Little do they know that, that’s not always the case.

We have heard of Loving Tan before and have heard many great things about the product but never got to give it a chance for ourselves! We’ve both used multiple different tanning products, so we know what we like and don’t like!

This tanner was instantly different and applied super quickly. Many foam tanners that we’ve used in the past, don’t give you an instant difference in tone. We don’t love that because then we can’t see where we are applying it and then it dries and you are in shock of how bad of an application you did lol. That was a big plus for us.

It drys almost instantly and the mitt has the perfect blending ability!

Basically, you girls just need to try it! The color is not too “muddy” or too “orange” ( obviously, we couldn’t lead you down the wrong path lol )

Here are some of Joy’s *white*  B E F O R E  &  A F T E R S


It is kind of a “must try for yourself to see” type of product, but our thoughts on it are pretty positive!

Thanks to Loving Tan for giving us the opportunity to fall in love with yet another beauty product ( as if we don’t have an addiction with trying a million different things already 😉 ) but we l o v e it!

Here are the  l i n k s  to our picks ::

2 Hour Express Mousse

Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Deluxe Self Tanning Mitt

Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove