Hey heyy, everyone! Its Joy here reporting for my own E N G A G E M E N T ¬†S T O R Y post! I can’t believe its here, I feel like I was just reading over Justi’s story… pretty insane.

First off, I am so stoked to be starting this next chapter in my life with the man of my dreams. God has a plan for all our lives and it is just so cool to watch it unfold!

So lets take it back to April 16th, 2015 when we first started dating… we’ve come a long way lol. It has been such a fun time in our lives. We met through mutual friends, basically went on a blind date, and the rest is history ūüėČ Fast forward a little over 2 years and we are now engaged and about to get married!

Shane recently moved out to Florida for training ( he races motocross, if you’re lost at this point lol ) and it hasn’t been the easiest for obvious reasons…living across country from each other. With lots of traveling, we have totally made it work and are doing our best with what we have! We enjoy our time spent together even more than we ever had. It really opens your eyes to not taking living close to each other for granted!

We have known and have been talking about getting engaged for a little while now but I still had no idea to exactly when. Something I’ve always wanted, was to be surprised in the moment! So I didn’t want to know anything about when, where, or how he was planning on proposing. So on one of my recent trips to Florida, I had thought MAYBEEE it would happen this trip but I was also so confused and honestly just hopeful but had no idea if Shane had even been thinking about it. I remember getting my hair done before I left and my friend/hairstylist said “omg, I could be doing engagement hair!!” and I laughed and was like “That’d be nice but I really don’t think it will be this trip”.

I was out in Florida for a week and Shane had mentioned a couple things in conversation throughout the week that insinuated that he still had some things to do before he proposed, and that he was “working on it” and so once he said that, I was checked out of any idea that it would happen. That weekend ( Saturday, the day before I left ), we went down to Clearwater Beach, FL. Friends of ours were staying down there and so we spent the day with them on the beach and by the pool! Later that night we walked to dinner at a place right across from the sand, super pretty. We left dinner as the sun was going down, I was tired and ready to head back since we had a two hour drive back!

As we were walking back from dinner, our friend Sam wanted pictures of her and her family on the beach in front of the gorgeous sunset, so we walked on over and I had found a pretty cute and decent spot on the sand but it was by the bathrooms and right off the street… but in my eyes, it had a good background and thats all that mattered for the picture! haha We took a couple shots there but then they all wanted to walk to where there was a jetty to take some “more photos” aka away from the bathroom and all the people haha and so we headed over there. I took their photos and then of course I wanted a photo of me and Shane since we hardly have any non-moto related pictures and thats when it happened!!

¬†¬†I turned to him and he said “Can we get married already?” We we jokingly say all the time but I knew when he said that, that he was about to ask and he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask. It was awesome and I couldn’t be more happy. I was definitely surprised and that isn’t easy to do! We are so excited to be getting married and to start our lives together!

So keep your eye out for my wedding series ūüėČ

Now, due to Shanes insane schedule, we are getting married at the end of this September…yes, I said it. We will have had ¬†2 1/2 month engagement. Our choice was to either get married now, or wait next October and with him living across country and all that it entails, we decided to take on the craziness and get married this year. It will be so worth it and again, we are so so happy.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and I cannot wait to share with you girls all the lovely details!



All you babes have been requesting to see more of the #ApplaudTheRods wedding + to hear about the details so here I am (Justi) giving you¬†a little inside scoop on my absolutely perfect wedding day! Obviously, I can’t insert all 700 wedding photo’s in a blog post, so I selected a few from each category to comment on + share what was going through my mind.¬†

I want to start off by saying that even if it was towards the end of wedding planning, the Lord evidently orchestrated the whole thing & made it all absolutely perfect. Even if it wasn’t what we had originally wanted or planned for- God changed our hearts & made everything fall into place. The day was covered in prayer & love. TJ & I are very confident¬†when we say that our relationship wouldn’t have led up to the point of marriage if it wasn’t for our Savior. We wanted to make sure that the day wasn’t about us but it was about our God who had brought us to this place of becoming one & placed amazing people in our lives who have molded & shaped us in the ways of our Savior.

I’m eternally grateful for everyone that came alongside of me to make my vision become a reality.¬†It blows my mind that so many people were willing to sacrifice of their own time + energy to help my wedding day not only look perfect but to make sure I wasn’t stressed or overwhelmed even once. The Lord has totally blessed TJ & I with so many friends & family that were willing to serve us.¬†


All of my bridesmaid’s picked out their own dresses. I gave them a color scheme but they were able to pick whatever style & shade that they wanted. It was super important for me that my bridesmaids were comfortable + confident in whatever they had to wear — because come on, what’s worse than HATING what you’re wearing? The actual wedding day was the first time we saw all of the dresses all together & let’s just say we were¬†in awe. Why? Because 4 of my bridesmaids the week of the wedding either hadn’t gotten a dress yet or they had to get a replacement dress from what they had originally intended on wearing.¬†How crazy is that?!¬†We had no idea how all of the dresses were going to look all together but we couldn’t have been any happier at how amazing it all looked!¬†


To say that our ceremony was everything we had dreamed of & more would be an absolute understatement. I never got why brides always said that it felt as if it was just them + their husband when they were at the alter but in that moment, I fully understood it. Our ceremony was beautiful & felt so intimate, as if it was only us there. 

As you can probably tell by the pictures, I was a wreck as I was walking down the aisle. Prior to the wedding, everyone kept on saying that they didn’t think I would cry or be that emotional– LIES & A HALF. Even as I was preparing to walk down the aisle with my dad, I was a wreck. Then I saw TJ & lost it all over again. I’ve never felt so much emotion at one moment than as when I was walking down the aisle to my groom. Although, I don’t look as cute as everyone would obviously want to look- due to the fact that I look like Kim K when I cry- I love how the picture’s captured how raw & real that moment was.


I felt like I could breathe. After all of the nerves, that only hit me right as I was about to walk down the aisle, were gone — I was just ready to have fun & celebrate with my best friends, family, & HUSBAND! Since TJ & I didn’t do a first look, it was super important to us to have some time alone before the day just slipped away. After our ten minutes of just talking – we were welcomed by our bridal party as they covered our marriage in prayer.¬†



We were so excited to get back to all of our friends & family after taking photo’s! Because our ceremony felt SO intimate, we honestly didn’t even know who came to our wedding, so we couldn’t wait to say hi to everyone who came to celebrate with us!


All of these details were created by amazing vendors who I am privileged enough to call my close friends & family. Every single detail exceeded any kind of expectation that I had by x a billion. It was the little things that made our wedding feel like us!


I’m going to start off by saying that TJ doesn’t dance. Prior to getting ready for the wedding we had conversations where I would literally ask TJ, “are you even gonna dance at your own wedding?”¬†& his response was always “maybe, I’m not sure yet”.¬†All of that to say, one of the most important things for me when it came to my reception was that there was 1. tons of food for everyone (& there was enough to feed another 50 people) & 2. our dance floor would never be empty. Our dance floor was UNREAL. I’ve never been to a wedding where the dance floor never faded out but there were constantly people getting down & having fun! TJ & I both said that if it wasn’t for the fact we only had vendors booked till a certain time, we would have stayed another couple hours dancing the night away!

I had the time of my life dancing with my husband, best friends, & all of our loved ones!

¬†¬†Thank you guys for reading all about my wedding day! I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes on what went through my mind during the different parts of the day + seeing sneak peeks of all our amazing photo’s. If you guys want to know more about the wedding planning process, go ahead & let us know because I would love to create more wedding content for you babes!¬†




Photographer- Tessa Tadlock

Videographers- Leif + Jaci Films

Florals- Rooted Florals

Coordinating- Chelsea Hernandez

Coffee Cart- En Route Coffee

Photobus- SoCal Photobus

Rentals/Design- Southern Rentals
* Donut wall, Guestbook table, Macrame Plant Hangers

Signage- The Sheep Post

Cake/Desserts- Butter and Crumbs

Make-Up Artist- Purdie Make-Up

Hair- Hair by Joy Jetton

Dress- Grace Loves Lace

Ceremony- Oak Canyon Nature Center // Anaheim, CA
Reception- Calvary Chapel La Habra // La Habra, CA

¬†J U S T I ‘ S ¬†B R I D A L ¬†S H O W E R

Joy here, H I! First off, I just want to say how fun it was to plan this shower for Justi . . . she has been the best bride. S O easy going, and so fun to spoil! She gave full control of the shower and I tried to keep it a surprise for her ( but lets be honest, I couldn’t hold anything in lol ). Honestly, I was stressed because I wanted everything to turn out perfect ( perfectionist over here ) but I just had to wait and see it all come together, and it did!

Special thanks to E V E R Y O N E who helped, I couldn’t have done it all without everyones help!

& special shout out to my mom because she seriously helped out with everything, she even built the wood wall that the favors hung on *heart eyes*.

So lets start the, tour de Justis shower . . .

the F O O D :

Me & Justi loveeee cooked carrots and onions together, so random, but that is basically where this meal plan started haha. We said “definitely have to have carrots and onions . . .” so thats what we had! + some meatloaf and mashed potatoes cupcakes and a couple salads! Everything was so delicious! We also had Hummus and veggies, and chips & onion dip ( Justi’s fav ) for appetizers!

 . . . for dessert, we had donut holes! These donut hole trees were so cute & again, easy! They hold about 35 dozen donuts haha! So, easy to say, you could have caught me near the donuts at all times lol.

the B R I D E :

Had to include the bride in this tour because she was obvi the center of the party! She looked S T U N N I N G. We found this dress the night before, so she ditched her original dress because this one definitely won the show. She looked like a true bride and honestly brought tears to peoples eyes . . . so dramatic, yet so true lol.

d r e s s // nordstrom

s h o e s // steve madden

“l o v e” b a l l o o n //¬†amazon

the T A B L E S :

Eucalyptus. Thats all I’ve got to say. AMEN for eucalyptus. It made everything! We ran it down the center of the tables, on top of a white paper runner, filled with some wax flowers for some added pizzazz & through some rose gold candle sticks in the mix and it came out looking gorgeous! The candle sticks were found at many different places, and then we spray painted them and we are obsessed.

The plates were bamboo & seriously made the table scape! I just found them on amazon, and they came the next day ( shout out to amazon prime for saving my life ). The pale pink napkins were found at party city ( literally the day of because I had a blonde moment and forgot napkins . . .  YAY JOY. Not. haha ). And lastly, the rose gold forks were also found on amazon!

l a r g e  p l a t e s // bamboo plates Рamazon

s m a l l  p l a t e s // bamboo plates Рamazon

n a p k i n s // party city

r o s e  g o l d  f o r k s // amazon

w h i t e  t a b l e  r u n n e r // amazon

the L O U N G E :

Now this, I can give all credit to my mom for this vision. We created a few “lounge” seating areas that really brought the whole vibe/look together! We brought in some rugs, lots of pillows, candles, greenery, and decor accents and it was adorable!

t a b l e // made by my momma ( she’s literally the best )!

p i l l o w s // target, pottery barn, homegoods.

c a n d l e  h o l d e r // homegoods.

r u g // target

the F A V O R S ::

It took me a while to decide on what to give as favors. I am always struggling with wanting to be original and different & it takes me a while to figure out exactly what I am envisioning but, again with my moms help, we came up with these adorable mini macrame plant hangers. They were a hit and I am so glad! They also doubled as a center point for the party, as well as decor! We, last minute, through some left over eucalyptus on the top of the board the night before, and overnight it draped perfectly * thank you Jesus *

We will do a blog post soon on how to make these, because they are so simple ( once you got the hang of tying a million knots haha ) and perfect for even just decor at home! The pots were just from the hard wear store, the rope was ordered on amazon (shocker lol) and the plants were ordered from a nursery in Fallbrook, CA!

¬†. . . the ” Y E S ” sign was another creation that came together with the help of momma Jetton . . . the marquee letters were found, left over from construction going on near my house. My mom literally drove up to a construction site, asked for the letters and they gave them to us! They are now our buddies because that was a gold mine! haha We filled the letters with foam and stuck moss & eucalyptus inside, and hung it on a rope!

and that is a little overview of Justi’s shower! I am so happy with how it turned out, we had such an amazing time with friends and family, celebrating the lovely bride! Up next, the bachelorette weekend!! *hint hint* *Santa Barbara* . . .


joy & justi

I think it’s safe to say, that the most important part of a wedding (besides the fact that you’re getting married, obviously)¬†is the wedding dress. This is the dress that we’ve all envisioned ourselves wearing when we were 5 years old & dreaming of our wedding. This is the only dress that will stand out above all other dresses that we will ever wear.¬†This is the dress that we’ll be wearing in the pictures that we’ll stare at for the rest of our lives.

Not only was getting my wedding dress HUGE in light of the wedding planning process but it was one of the most joyful + enjoyable days of my lives, that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. My¬†number one¬†tip for any bride that is getting prepped for going wedding dress shopping is¬†just have fun.¬†Thankfully, I was blessed enough to get my wedding dress at the first store I ever went to, but if you’re not able- don’t get down! There are thousands of wedding dresses + tons of wedding dress boutiques out there so remain¬†joyful + happy¬†& know that you will eventually find your¬†perfect wedding dress.¬†

Just because I’ve gotten one wedding dress definitely doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing by any means! But, I did want to go over some tips that I wish I would have known prior to going to my dress fitting. These little tips will help make sure that you’re wedding dress shopping goes as smoothly as possible! –¬†because who want’s added stress on top of all that wedding planning?


Some bridal boutique’s have a suggested limit as to how many people you’re able to bring with you to your fitting. This¬†“max count” varies between boutique but they’re also flexible because they have this suggested max limit for¬†your well being & so you’re not overwhelmed!¬†When I was first getting ready + making appointment, I was so confused because of this max guest count but after talking to a few different consultants they reminded me that it’s solely there so that way the bride isn’t getting 500 opinions from her 50 siblings + friends that wanted to come to her dress fitting! (how do¬†you say no??)

Where I got my dress, they had a guest limit of 3 people, but they were happy to make exceptions when I called before hand! I told them that I was wanting my grandma + future mother in law to come and of course they had no problem with it! All together, I brought my mom, grandma, maid of honor- Joy, bridesmaid- Isabel, and my future mother in law! (Plus, we had like 5 people on FaceTime! haha) This was the best group I could have ever asked for!

My¬†tip¬†for who to bring¬†with you is to bring people who are going to be encouraging, honest, but¬†not critical! You want your friends + family to tell you if you honestly don’t look good in a dress that you’re trying on but you also want them to allow you to decide if you like the general idea of a dress on your own.¬†Be open to suggestions but¬†remember that they’re¬†suggestions, ultimately it’s¬†about what you’re going love on your wedding day!


I went to Grace Loves Lace in Los Angeles, CA. For years, I had seen tons of their dresses on instagram but for a while they were based solely out of Australia + had their online store, which I thought was such a bummer because the dresses were stunning! But as soon as I got engaged, I realized that they had just opened up a store front in Los Angeles- so I knew I had to try wedding dresses at Grace Loves Lace.


My tip on where to go to try on dresses- Try to limit your options. Does that sound weird? Let me explain!
If you’re able to go on a dress boutique’s instagram or find boutique’s with online stores and catalogs, find boutiques with styles that you like! In the wedding dress shopping process, it can be hard because¬†the more dresses you try on the more confused that you’re going to get!¬†All of that to say- if you know that a boutique has one (or more) dresses that you already love + could see yourself getting married in, go there first!

Originally, when I was scheduling out my fitting appointments, I had scheduled two- Grace Loves Lace and The Lovely Bride. The Lovely Bride has STUNNING dresses + a ton of different vendors but I realized that I knew Grace Loves Lace had dresses that I could see myself wearing on my wedding day so I told myself that there was no point on trying a ton of excess dresses!
& I’m so glad I made that decision!!

it’s safe to say.. 1. I wasn’t¬†feeling the pictures 2. I forgot I was writing up this blog post so I didn’t take any decent pictures.¬†


The best thing to do prior to going to try on dresses- find some inspiration on instagram or pinterest! Finding inspiration can definitely help eliminate some stress if you at least know what type of style you’re wanting to get! Granted, remember that inspiration is just that,¬†inspiration– get inspired from it but realize that you’re not looking for that exact thing!¬†The funniest thing is that I went in having one thing that I was almost completely sure that I was going to get & got the opposite.

My tip for what dresses to try on is to have some general ideas of what you’re looking for but remember that you’re not tied down to that style! It’s okay to get something different that you didn’t originally plan on getting. When you’re trying wedding dresses on the most important thing to ask yourself is,¬†“Can I see myself getting married in this?”.¬†This is the question that I asked myself on every dress and it’s what helped me the most of narrowing down the dress that I’m going to wear when I marry the love of my life!

SAYING YES TO THE DRESS BROUGHT TEARS TO EVERYONE WHO WAS THERE —¬†This was the picture that Joy & I took immediately after I realized that I had found the dress I was gonna wear. Tears +all, this was the best picture we could get because I had my wedding dress on!


Thank you babes for reading¬†about the most spectacular day of saying yes to the dress! I can’t wait to finally show all you babes my¬†gorgeous gown. I hope these tips help you babes before going to your dress fitting + I would love to hear some of your tips! Be sure to stay tuned to our wedding series because we have a lot of fun post’s coming up!




A lot of you guys have been curious as to how my engagement story went down. – Let’s start with some of the details + a little bit of the history between TJ & I.¬†TJ & I had been dating for 4 years & I didn’t see an engagement coming any where in the near future. My guess was that I would be getting engaged the fall of 2017, therefore I was¬†completely thrown off¬†when he got down on one knee & asked me to be his wife.


One of the questions that I get the most is, “didn’t you see it coming throughout the day?” & the answer is,¬†I had not the slightest¬†clue.¬†This was our anniversary weekend & typically whenever we celebrate something, TJ always plans the entire day or weekend & I have no idea what we’re doing – so I just go along with the plan. He had already given me the heads up that my gift was going to be different this year (still¬†didn’t have a clue.. I though it was actually a year away)¬†& that part of it was going to be large & handmade, another part was going to be a “medium size”, and lastly that he was going to read me a letter that he had written me. + According to his plan, part of my gift was that one of our best friends Roman was going to take pictures of us for our anniversary.

Basically, he set me up so that I would not have the slightest clue..


We get to Laguna Beach & our friend Roman was there ready to snap some pics of us “for our anniversary”. He took this picture before we headed down to the beach to see my big present, read the letter, and take the rest of our anniversary pictures.


We got down to the beach & I saw this super rad pallet, with a bunch of pictures of us, that according to TJ were either some of his favorite memories of us together or his favorite pictures of me. Not only that, but in the center he added Song of Solomon 3:4, which is the Bible verse that we believe the Lord confirmed our relationship with.


After I got my “big present”, he had me unwrap my “medium present”.

I unwrapped the present, but low & behold- it was an empty iPad box. (lol)¬†TJ grabbed his letter from the empty iPad box & began to read it, making it very clear that he didn’t actually get me an iPad. He read me the¬†sweetest¬†letter, mentioning things about our relationship, my character, & things that the Lord has shown him in regards to it. + Not only that, but he even threw in a joke about how¬†“we’re not getting engaged anytime soon.”¬†

To say the least, we were both in tears. It was the sweetest letter & that in and of itself was the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

THEN, He told me.. “close your eyes, it’s time for your¬†actual anniversary present”.


I opened my eyes, & he was down on one knee. It felt totally unreal & I couldn’t even believe it was happening!
My first words were, “are you joking”¬†haha, but after I realized that he wasn’t, I made sure to say¬†yes! It was totally perfect & unexpected + the best anniversary gift/gift in general that I could have ever gotten.

TJ ended the night after the engagement with a surprise engagement dinner with our family.
Overall, I wouldn’t have wanted to change a thing & it was absolutely perfect!


Thank you all so much for stopping by & reading about my engagement story. + can we give TJ a round of applause for making/planing the perfect engagement & making sure that I didn’t have the slightest clue?
Let us know if you guys want to read more about our planning process & everything Joy & I are going to be setting up for the wedding. We can’t wait for you guys to see our engagement pictures + be a part of our entire planning wedding process!


Joy & Justi