Let’s all be honest, we all always want to know how Joy’s hair (Justi here) is always near perfection! Here’a super easy, step-by-step, tutorial of her explaining all of the different steps for her perfect, effortless wave!

If you all want to continue seeing more of us in action (aka youtube video’s), let us know!
We hope you enjoy, babes.

XO, J O Y & J U S T I



We couldn’t think of a better way to start off the month of August than with a little recap of our favorite products during the month of July.


Living Proof Dry Shampoo //

We’ve heard people raving about this product for months & never thought much of it. But a recent trip to Ulta resulted in us getting this product & OHMYGOSH. – This is the definition of a dry shampoo, other dry shampoo’s that leave your hair feeling full of product & heavy.
Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo leaves your hair feeling like it was just washed. It’s AMAZING! It doesn’t have a super dry residue either so if you’re a brunette, you won’t have any problems with this. I would literally rate this dry shampoo a 9.5/10 – it’s nearly reached perfection.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray //

We came across the spray, when we were shopping around and H A D to pick it up because we’ve heard great things about it!

We love facial sprays and this one is seriously b o m b. It is infused with a l o e , h e r b s , and r o s e w a t e r . This combo is A M A Z E. It is so refreshing on the skin and has done nothing but positive things for our skin , U M  Y E S  P L E A S E.

We’ve been so impressed is the couple Mario Badescu products we have an c a n n o t wait to try out more!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion //

Have a stubborn pimple? Literally, this is your saving grace! Put a little bit on a stubborn pimple or irritated area on your face at night & you’ll wake up with clear skin! It is SO GOOD! It dried pimples overnight & leaves you looking like they didn’t even exist.

It’s a must for everyone but it’s especially good if you have an event or outing & wake up with a stubborn pimple!

That’s it for our favorites this month, be sure to stick around to see what other blog posts we have coming your way this week.



Back at it again with PART 2 of this series! WHO’S EXCITED?
In part 2, we obviously wanted to –
point out these adorable outfits,
+ also give you a quick on video on how to do 3 bun looks.


These THREE looks are so easy & effortless – they all literally take less than 3 minutes to do.
These are perfect for summer because they take your hair out of your face + your eyes for those especially hot days. (especially us in this Southern California heat.)


LUX-0315 LUX-0300 LUX-0311

Growing up dancing for 15 years – I’ve (Justi here!) never really been a fan of leotards/body suits just because I feel like I’ve pretty much spent my entire life in them + it usually just feels weird wearing them as regular clothes. BUT, this off the shoulder body suit is seriously 1. the most comfortable thing ever 2. so cute & simple. I’m loving it as a staple piece for summer that can either be dressed up or dressed down.
This skirt is unlike anything I’ve ever worn (or really even come across). Honestly, putting it on kinda makes you feel like a goddess that doesn’t need to work & can just frolic in a field all day. (true story) This is definitely a perfect piece for summer because it’s so effortless + practically weightless.


Off The Shoulder Top

Wrap Maxi Skirt

Novi & Nash Leather Bolo

Gladiator Sandals

LUX-0438 LUX-0452 LUX-0441

Rompers, Rompers, ROMPERS!
When I think of summer, I think effortless & to me that equals a romper! Romper’s are seriously a closet essential because they’re so easy to either dress up or dress down. (it doesn’t take much to do either)
If you’re trying to go for a casual look – you can just throw on this romper, throw your hair in either a full bun or a half up half down, & throw on some sandals.. & you’re SET. Making it casual & looking like you tried, without actually having to.
If you wanna dress up this romper – pair it with your favorite pair of booties, put on a darker or brighter lipstick, accessorize-accessorize-&accessorize some more, + curl your hair & you just turned a simple romper into a nice “going out” outfit.


Once Upon a Summertime Romper

Gladiator Sandals



We hope you enjoyed these outfits + little tips on how we pair them personally. We also hope you love the different bun looks that we did! If you end up doing any of them yourself, be sure to tag us on instagram because we would love to see.

See you guys tomorrow for PART 3 of 5 of our Lux Series. + Head on over to —–>Lux’s Blog to see what we’ve been working on + talking about over there. Give their blog some love but also head on over to Lux Clothing to shop all of our different looks + all their other cute clothing & shoes.

Till next time babes…


Here at Joy & Justi, we’re all about easy & effortless + with a hint of making it look like we tried a little harder than we actually did. Can we get an amen, ladies?

This bun video is exactly just that! 3 easy looks that will leave you ready for whatever summer throws you- whether it’s going out with friends or just heading to the beach- but will take you no more than 3 minutes. With that being said.. let’s watch the video.

Thanks for watching! Let us know if you recreate any of these looks & tag us on instagram! 




 If you’re anything like us, you love being able to have both quality + quantity when it comes to different lip colors, but you have a hard time because lip products can be so pricy & most of the time are the last make up product that you can justify spending money onBut, here’s the thing- we’re also so unwilling to sacrifice the quality of our lip products just for a cheaper price, because  you’re going to be putting on you lips, quality definitely matters.


But, we have found the answer to our struggle, COLOURPOP lip products.
ColourPOP’s lip products are sold at unbelievable prices for their quality! Quality wise, these products match up to high end products that are sold for three times the price! Their lip products are not only long lasting +  super moisturizing + they come in absolutely beautiful colors.

Of all the ColourPOP products that we have, our favorite are the Lippie Stix because they come in over one hundred (yes, THAT many) shades + are only FIVE DOLLARS. Like, if that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is. These are our all time summer favorites because they moisturize your lips while giving a natural tint to them + they have a build-able color.


 We hope you try out these products & love them as much as we do!
Be sure to head to ColourPOP to check out these lip products + be sure to sign up to be a part of their mailing list so you can get $5 off your first order!

x o, J O Y & J U S T I