It’s been a hot second since we showed you babes all of the products that we’ve been loving! Now that summer is here, so is the heat, we like to keep everything that we do & all of our routines super simple! Some of our favorites include some make up that will stand the test of time in summer, hair products that will eliminate that frizz summer (& humidity) brings, and a couple of our random favorites!
Enough chatting- let’s get into our JUNE FAVORITES.



1. Kevin Murphy Hair Products //
Pictured are the travel sizes of the wash and the rinse. This company has seriously changed our hair for the better! Joy introduced them to us since she is a hair stylist & I can’t imagine ever going back to anything else. Kevin Murphy’s hair products leave your hair feeling soft and silky, even after the first wash! It’s basically magical.

2. Mirrored Ray Ban Sunglasses //
We constantly get asked where we got this almost every single time we go out! I also think these will be one of my all time favorites when it comes to sunglasses– they’re the perfect size & color, plus the reflective shades make it even better!

3. PF Candle Co. //
If you know us, then you know that we have a major candle obsession.
We have a candle obsession for multiple reasons, the first is we both have a fear of our rooms/house smelling bad, so every morning the first thing we both do is light a candle. (the second reason why we’re obsessed with candles is mainly because we love having the flame going, lol)
PF Candle Co.’s candles smell amazing + have a great burn time!


4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation //
This has been one of our holy grail products for year but it’s especially a necessity when we’re coming into these hot, summer days! This foundation isn’t just going to “sweat off” + will also stand the test of water!

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbush Foundation //
We use this overtop our Tarte foundation to ensure that we stay nice & matte all day long!
* we never have to re-apply throughout the day, YASSS.

6. Hempz Lip Balm //
Always the best & most moisturizing lip balm! You can never go wrong with it.


7. New Morning Mercies //
Our favorite devotional of all time. We’re big believers in devotions that don’t just make you feel good, but empower you to live a gospel centered life & constantly challenge you to see what you need to change in your life!

8. PLANTS //
To see that we want greenery everywhere lately would be an understatement.
Plants add so much to any room & we can’t seem to stop buying them!



That’s going to be it for our June favorites! If you guys enjoyed this blog post, be sure to let us know!
We’d love to hear what your favorites are for the month, so share those in the comments below! Till next time.


J O Y & J U S T I


Honestly, I know what you are probably thinking . . .

“They love every product though…”

Well thats because we only share with you girls products and companies that we truly love and are passionate about! No non-sense here 😉

So lets be real. We all don’t have the blissful time to layout on the beach and get a sun kissed glow all the time ( though we wish… ) && so this is where our love for self tanners comes into play! And let me tell you, self tanners have come a L O N G way. All the guys in our lives still give us a hard time, thinking we will be “orange”. Little do they know that, that’s not always the case.

We have heard of Loving Tan before and have heard many great things about the product but never got to give it a chance for ourselves! We’ve both used multiple different tanning products, so we know what we like and don’t like!

This tanner was instantly different and applied super quickly. Many foam tanners that we’ve used in the past, don’t give you an instant difference in tone. We don’t love that because then we can’t see where we are applying it and then it dries and you are in shock of how bad of an application you did lol. That was a big plus for us.

It drys almost instantly and the mitt has the perfect blending ability!

Basically, you girls just need to try it! The color is not too “muddy” or too “orange” ( obviously, we couldn’t lead you down the wrong path lol )

Here are some of Joy’s *white*  B E F O R E  &  A F T E R S


It is kind of a “must try for yourself to see” type of product, but our thoughts on it are pretty positive!

Thanks to Loving Tan for giving us the opportunity to fall in love with yet another beauty product ( as if we don’t have an addiction with trying a million different things already 😉 ) but we l o v e it!

Here are the  l i n k s  to our picks ::

2 Hour Express Mousse

Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Deluxe Self Tanning Mitt

Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove



The whole reason that we wanted to start a blog, was so that we would be able to show people all the products & trends that were working for us & that we were loving. We figured that a monthly favorites video would be the perfect way to show you that! Take a look at the things that we’ve been trying & are obsessed with, as well as the products that have been making a huge change in our lives/routines! Let us know if you love any of these products or if there are any other products that you all think we should try!

Until next time, babes!


Joy & Justi



Here is the inside scoop of how we do our brows! We love brows…they make your makeup look && everyone has their own way of doing them . . . thus why, we decided to show you our ways / tips and tricks!

Products used ( cause we know this is easier than searching for them yourself . . . we got you boo lol)



These products are some of our holy grail products & the only reason we’re able to accomplish a semi decent brow! So we hope you enjoyed watching how we get our eyebrows looking like this.



Ask and you shall receive . . . l o l okay, but really we did get quite a few request to do an everyday makeup routine, so thats exactly what we did!

We had so much fun filming it, so let us know of any more video request you might have, we love hearing your ideas!

So here’s to our casual makeup routine and Justi’s espresso in a can . . . ( you’ll see, it makes an appearence a few times…it was a long morning l o l )


J O Y  &  J U S T I