About the Bloggers




Childhood friends, fellow coffee lovers, both born and raised in the heart of Southern California.
You can always find us at a coffee shop spending unnecessary amounts of money & drinking copious amounts of coffee or by the food table at a party or event. We’re two awkward but real girls who just want to be honest with you about our lives + the things & companies that we love. We experience life and adventure together, and what better way to remember these memories than to document them for our future selves.

:: MEET JOY ::


Born and raised: Southern California  Age: 21 Passion: Jesus, relationship, chai tea, hair & beauty //
Joy is my name and i live my daily life to spread the meaning of it. i love the ocean, a good chai latte, instagram, and traveling. besides those wonderful things, Jesus tops it all. i’m in love with Shane and head over heels for the man he is. i get to live out my dream of calling ” hairstylist ” my job. i love people and looking forward to experiencing life ft. Joy & Justi.
x o , Joy



Justeleen, but all my close friends call me  j – u – s – t – i.
Travel, fashion,  & beauty are some of the passions of my life. (hence, why we started this blog)
I live to bring honor & glory to the name of the Lord in all that I do. There are so many things that I’m passionate about in life including- Jesus, people, & coffee but ultimately everything that I do is done with all of my heart and soul.
+ I’ve been dating the man of my dreams TJ for the past 3 1/2 years, so that’s been a dream.
x o, Justi