Joy’s Wedding Series // Engagement Photos

E N G A G E M E N T  P H O T O S

When it came to mine and Shanes engagement photos, it was a little difficult since I was still in California and Shane was living in Florida for the summer. I had planned on visiting FL one more time before we got married, so I knew that was my only chance to get the photos done! I was searching for photographers in the area and then Gods grace had a hand on me . . . haha but for real, a friend of mine from Bible college is from Florida and she is a photographer! I was so stoked that it worked out with her and that we were able to use her for the photos!

We did the shoot on the beach in Sarasota, FL! So gorgeous, and nothing like we have in California. I loved that it gave a different look and showed a small part of lives, in Florida.

And let me tell you, it was so hot. Just to give out photographer some credit, you would ever know that we were both dripping sweat, it was super humid, Shane had a bleeding foot thanks to a stump sticking out of the sand, and we were dying of thirst haha. Katie killed it and we are in love with how they came out. We topped off the night with chick-fil-a and it was all worth it!

Now for the outfit details! Both of my dresses are no longer available BUT I found some similar options that can hopefully give you some inspo! I also linked some items ( or similar items ) to what Shane wore!

I was set on finding a white dress for one of the looks and at the last minute, I finally found one . . . Forever21 comes in handy in time of need!

d r e s s : the dress is no longer available online at F21, but I found a similar one – Forever 21

My next dress is a bit more casual and added some color for a little pop but it is still not too much…cause i’m still basic haha

I actually wore this dress to Justi’s bridal shower and haven’t worn it since but still loved it! I brought a couple options but ended up sticking with that one!

d r e s s : Again, this dress is no longer available but I wanted to give you girls a similar dress option – Nordstrom

And for your guys out there, here are Shanes outfit details! H & M was our go-to!

b u t t o n  u p : HM

p a n t s : any black jeans

w h i t e  t e e : HM

I hope you girls enjoyed!




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