Hey heyy, everyone! Its Joy here reporting for my own E N G A G E M E N T  S T O R Y post! I can’t believe its here, I feel like I was just reading over Justi’s story… pretty insane.

First off, I am so stoked to be starting this next chapter in my life with the man of my dreams. God has a plan for all our lives and it is just so cool to watch it unfold!

So lets take it back to April 16th, 2015 when we first started dating… we’ve come a long way lol. It has been such a fun time in our lives. We met through mutual friends, basically went on a blind date, and the rest is history 😉 Fast forward a little over 2 years and we are now engaged and about to get married!

Shane recently moved out to Florida for training ( he races motocross, if you’re lost at this point lol ) and it hasn’t been the easiest for obvious reasons…living across country from each other. With lots of traveling, we have totally made it work and are doing our best with what we have! We enjoy our time spent together even more than we ever had. It really opens your eyes to not taking living close to each other for granted!

We have known and have been talking about getting engaged for a little while now but I still had no idea to exactly when. Something I’ve always wanted, was to be surprised in the moment! So I didn’t want to know anything about when, where, or how he was planning on proposing. So on one of my recent trips to Florida, I had thought MAYBEEE it would happen this trip but I was also so confused and honestly just hopeful but had no idea if Shane had even been thinking about it. I remember getting my hair done before I left and my friend/hairstylist said “omg, I could be doing engagement hair!!” and I laughed and was like “That’d be nice but I really don’t think it will be this trip”.

I was out in Florida for a week and Shane had mentioned a couple things in conversation throughout the week that insinuated that he still had some things to do before he proposed, and that he was “working on it” and so once he said that, I was checked out of any idea that it would happen. That weekend ( Saturday, the day before I left ), we went down to Clearwater Beach, FL. Friends of ours were staying down there and so we spent the day with them on the beach and by the pool! Later that night we walked to dinner at a place right across from the sand, super pretty. We left dinner as the sun was going down, I was tired and ready to head back since we had a two hour drive back!

As we were walking back from dinner, our friend Sam wanted pictures of her and her family on the beach in front of the gorgeous sunset, so we walked on over and I had found a pretty cute and decent spot on the sand but it was by the bathrooms and right off the street… but in my eyes, it had a good background and thats all that mattered for the picture! haha We took a couple shots there but then they all wanted to walk to where there was a jetty to take some “more photos” aka away from the bathroom and all the people haha and so we headed over there. I took their photos and then of course I wanted a photo of me and Shane since we hardly have any non-moto related pictures and thats when it happened!!

  I turned to him and he said “Can we get married already?” We we jokingly say all the time but I knew when he said that, that he was about to ask and he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask. It was awesome and I couldn’t be more happy. I was definitely surprised and that isn’t easy to do! We are so excited to be getting married and to start our lives together!

So keep your eye out for my wedding series 😉

Now, due to Shanes insane schedule, we are getting married at the end of this September…yes, I said it. We will have had  2 1/2 month engagement. Our choice was to either get married now, or wait next October and with him living across country and all that it entails, we decided to take on the craziness and get married this year. It will be so worth it and again, we are so so happy.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and I cannot wait to share with you girls all the lovely details!




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