Healthy Fourth of July Recipe

Healthy Fourth of July Recipe

I T ‘ S  T H E  F O U R T H . . . already.

We really cant believe the 4th is already here again, and this year seems like it flew by, but with that aside, we love this time of year and what better way to celebrate that, than with food, obviously 😉

We are all about cool & refreshing snacks and this one was pretty dang good! It is super easy and perfect for those hot days . . . cause we all know your 4th of July will most likely consist of some heat!

We hope you girls enjoy this recipe just as much as we did!

I N G R E D I E N T S ::

– yogurt ( we used a lactose free vanilla yogurt, but use whatever flavor or milk base that you prefer! )

– fresh strawberries

-fresh blueberries

– sliced almonds ( we used almonds, but again, feel free to use granola too! )

– cacao

D I R E C T I O N S ::

It is as simple as it looks but the fun part is layering it however you’d like!

We first put a layer of yogurt, then topped it with strawberries, then a layer of blueberries followed with another layer of yogurt, and repeat!

Repeat those steps as many times as you’d like and then finish the top off with the almonds and cacao!

We then stuck our jars of goodness into the freezer for about 30 minutes to let them set and chill! Once they were chilled, without hesitation we ate the whole thing! They were so good, we had to hold ourselves back from making seconds! haha

H A P P Y  4th O F  J U L Y




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