J U S T I ‘ S  B R I D A L  S H O W E R

Joy here, H I! First off, I just want to say how fun it was to plan this shower for Justi . . . she has been the best bride. S O easy going, and so fun to spoil! She gave full control of the shower and I tried to keep it a surprise for her ( but lets be honest, I couldn’t hold anything in lol ). Honestly, I was stressed because I wanted everything to turn out perfect ( perfectionist over here ) but I just had to wait and see it all come together, and it did!

Special thanks to E V E R Y O N E who helped, I couldn’t have done it all without everyones help!

& special shout out to my mom because she seriously helped out with everything, she even built the wood wall that the favors hung on *heart eyes*.

So lets start the, tour de Justis shower . . .

the F O O D :

Me & Justi loveeee cooked carrots and onions together, so random, but that is basically where this meal plan started haha. We said “definitely have to have carrots and onions . . .” so thats what we had! + some meatloaf and mashed potatoes cupcakes and a couple salads! Everything was so delicious! We also had Hummus and veggies, and chips & onion dip ( Justi’s fav ) for appetizers!

 . . . for dessert, we had donut holes! These donut hole trees were so cute & again, easy! They hold about 35 dozen donuts haha! So, easy to say, you could have caught me near the donuts at all times lol.

the B R I D E :

Had to include the bride in this tour because she was obvi the center of the party! She looked S T U N N I N G. We found this dress the night before, so she ditched her original dress because this one definitely won the show. She looked like a true bride and honestly brought tears to peoples eyes . . . so dramatic, yet so true lol.

d r e s s // nordstrom

s h o e s // steve madden

“l o v e” b a l l o o n // amazon

the T A B L E S :

Eucalyptus. Thats all I’ve got to say. AMEN for eucalyptus. It made everything! We ran it down the center of the tables, on top of a white paper runner, filled with some wax flowers for some added pizzazz & through some rose gold candle sticks in the mix and it came out looking gorgeous! The candle sticks were found at many different places, and then we spray painted them and we are obsessed.

The plates were bamboo & seriously made the table scape! I just found them on amazon, and they came the next day ( shout out to amazon prime for saving my life ). The pale pink napkins were found at party city ( literally the day of because I had a blonde moment and forgot napkins . . .  YAY JOY. Not. haha ). And lastly, the rose gold forks were also found on amazon!

l a r g e  p l a t e s // bamboo plates – amazon

s m a l l  p l a t e s // bamboo plates – amazon

n a p k i n s // party city

r o s e  g o l d  f o r k s // amazon

w h i t e  t a b l e  r u n n e r // amazon

the L O U N G E :

Now this, I can give all credit to my mom for this vision. We created a few “lounge” seating areas that really brought the whole vibe/look together! We brought in some rugs, lots of pillows, candles, greenery, and decor accents and it was adorable!

t a b l e // made by my momma ( she’s literally the best )!

p i l l o w s // target, pottery barn, homegoods.

c a n d l e  h o l d e r // homegoods.

r u g // target

the F A V O R S ::

It took me a while to decide on what to give as favors. I am always struggling with wanting to be original and different & it takes me a while to figure out exactly what I am envisioning but, again with my moms help, we came up with these adorable mini macrame plant hangers. They were a hit and I am so glad! They also doubled as a center point for the party, as well as decor! We, last minute, through some left over eucalyptus on the top of the board the night before, and overnight it draped perfectly * thank you Jesus *

We will do a blog post soon on how to make these, because they are so simple ( once you got the hang of tying a million knots haha ) and perfect for even just decor at home! The pots were just from the hard wear store, the rope was ordered on amazon (shocker lol) and the plants were ordered from a nursery in Fallbrook, CA!

 . . . the ” Y E S ” sign was another creation that came together with the help of momma Jetton . . . the marquee letters were found, left over from construction going on near my house. My mom literally drove up to a construction site, asked for the letters and they gave them to us! They are now our buddies because that was a gold mine! haha We filled the letters with foam and stuck moss & eucalyptus inside, and hung it on a rope!

and that is a little overview of Justi’s shower! I am so happy with how it turned out, we had such an amazing time with friends and family, celebrating the lovely bride! Up next, the bachelorette weekend!! *hint hint* *Santa Barbara* . . .


joy & justi


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