Happy Valentine’s or Galentine’s day to all you, beautiful babes!For this week’s post, we figured we would throw it back to some of our more OG posts & do a simple fashion/ootd post. Our moto has always been “the more simple, the better” & I feel like that’s what we were able to accomplish in our Valentine’s Day outfit looks- while still throwing in pop’s of pink, making it festive, duh!

SIDE NOT: This day of shooting, was a faaaaail. We started off with four super cute balloons but not even 5 minutes into the shoot, we lost the “X” to our “XO”. But don’t worry, the show must go on. Then we were left with two big white balloons but sure enough about 15 minutes later, our balloon met his enemy (flew into a bush) and he popped into a million pieces. Either way, we still had the best time shooting these looks for you babes! 

Now, let’s get into these outfits!


Jacket: Shop Lux Clothing (out of stock)
Shirt: Stitch & Feather
Jeans: Free People
Booties: Matisse Footwear
Bag: Elle & Jae Gypset


Dress: Lux Clothing
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Shoes: Free People
Bag: Elle & Jae Gypset


Now let’s talk about a company + some products that we love. Elle & Jae Gypset.

Their products are not only exceptional quality they’re also convenient to get. (you can get them on their website or on Nordstrom even) Most importantly they’re always guaranteed to be in style + right on with every newest trend. We can’t get enough of their bags + they’re super cute with a laid back boho style + the quality of all the materials they use is amazing + they’re totally economical for the statement bag that you’re receiving, basically we love EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!

If you love their bags as much as we do, Elle & Jae Gypset is exclusively offering Joy & Justi’s followers a discount code to get 15% off on their site! How amazing is that?!

Coupon Code: ELLEJAEVDAY15

Be sure to not miss out on this opportunity to get these adorable bags at an even more affordable price!

That’s it for this week’s post, babes! Thank you guys for following along! 
Until next week. 



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