Yes, we said it… we started Whole30!

We decided the time was here, it was perfect timing to try it! We are coming up quickly to Justi’s wedding, and we said “Heck, lets just do it!” So we D I D  I T haha It is a big commitment, its definitely harder than you think, but so worth it. Not only the possibility to slim down a bit, but to reset your body and cleanse it of excess sugars and unwanted fats. Its a crazy, strict plan but that doesn’t scare us *too bad*. . . we are excited to see the results in the end & to see how good our bodies feel!

We have a group text ( our friend, Hannah, is also joining in on the fun! You R O C K girl! ) and so we continually give each other encouragement, recipe ideas, and send pictures of our meals! Cause when it comes down to it, lets be real, we need the accountability! I mean, its dang girl scout cookie season. . . we picked a great time to start. . . not. Don’t worry though, Justi ordered a few boxes that we will be saving as a reward in the end, y a s s s s s.

We wanted to incorporate this into the blog for a couple reasons! One, we always want to share everything we are doing, going through, and embarking on and well, this is definitely something we will be focusing on in this next month! But we also wanted to share our journey with you girls, maybe you are interested in doing this yourself and we’d love to share the tips and tricks we learn along the way . . . cause if you are anything like us, you quickly realize you are slightly clueless to all the “Whole30 do’s and don’ts!

So, we will be giving our weekly updates for you girls! Joys check in & Justis check in! We are currently on day 3, and not going to lie, there are some struggles but we are still going strong *praise*. Nothing a little sweet potato can’t fix . . . aka that is what we have all been living on! We are obsessed!

Next week we will both share some bomb recipes that have been life savers, as well as some must have items to get you through the 30 days!

Now keep us accountable girls . . . pray for us & our thin mint cravings.


joy & just



  1. February 4, 2017 / 12:48 pm

    Love this! I’ve tried Whole30 before and only lasted 5 days, womp. But I’m excited to see you guys accomplish it and share your tips, you’ve inspired me to try a little harder next time!

  2. Angela Radcliffe
    February 8, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    I did the whole 30 and it was totally worth it! Ended up finding out that legumes are not my friend! Trader Joes was the greatest friend to me during this time, they have everything you need to eat whole 30 approved, and it doesn’t break the bank! Oddly enough mustard and hotdogs were my life! But salsa crockpot chicken is always a plus too!

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