MOBOVIDA Phone Cases

MOBOVIDA Phone Cases

Convient? Yes. Non-bulky? Yes. Cute? YES.

We can’t say enough about these Mobovida cases! You can’t go wrong with a phone cases that also has slots for your credit cards… but tell us we aren’t the only ones that can’t seem to find ones that aren’t bulky, and ugly. Its true right?!

SO . . . . don’t you fret, we found you some ADORABLE ones!!

We are going to show you some of our favorites from M O B O V I D A *heart eyes*

First off, is the iPhone case! It is black (we love black, if you couldn’t tell) & rose gold! (We also have the black with the glossy material) They’re both so perfect. It has two card slots with plenty of place for two cards in each slot! We love it because it is slim and sleek, will fit just fine in your pocket! Typically our biggest struggle with finding a phone case with card slots was finding one that wasn’t super bulky & still made our phone look cute!

C A S E :: Rose Gold

Also, how adorable is this selfie light?! Who thinks they need to sell these? 

Go check out M O B O V I D A on their website and social media!

Mobovida’s Instagram

We hope you girls pick some of these goodies for yourself and let us know how you like them!


Joy & Justi


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