Hoboken OOTD ft. Fur Jacket Styling + VLOG

Hoboken OOTD ft. Fur Jacket Styling + VLOG


We’re from Southern California, as most of you probably know already! Although we love where we’re from because of all our friends & families are from there/live there — we would be lying if we said there weren’t times when we hate it. Yes, that may sound a little dramatic, but when the only two season’s you ever experience are summer/spring, you eventually get over it. There is nothing better to us than actually feeling like you need to wear a jacket or a sweater; because if you’re anything like us.. you’ll literally wear a sweater/jacket even if it’s 85 degree’s out, just so it feels like fall. Because of this, we felt like it was time for an adventure with some actual seasons.. so we came to New York.

It’s both of our first times in New York + it hasn’t even been 24 hours & we’re already obsessed with it & the vibe. We’re currently staying in Hoboken, NJ and the small town but city feel is something that is unheard of back home! We’ve been tripping out at the fact that you’re able to walk everywhere– like to the grocery store, to get breakfast, or even to Anthropologie, things that would typically take us a 15 minute drive back home.

With all the new stuff that we’re experiencing, we figured that there would be no better thing to do than to explore this beautiful city & see all that it has to offer. + It’s insane to us that everywhere you turn is cute. Like, we just walked around & snapped pictures… without even trying…& everything was cute, like isn’t that unheard of in California?


img_2688 img_2697 img_2698 img_2706 img_2711


Fur Jackets are one of the cutest trends right now– we love the fact that they’re so easy to throw on & automatically make it look like you tried. (if you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’d know that we’re huge fans of that!) Joy was going for more of a casual look & it was literally almost effortless to accomplish with a fur jacket.

Taking a basic graphic tee with some simple black jeans + throwing on the fur jacket on top of that make you automatically ready to take on your day while looking like you spent the longest time putting the outfit together. Fur coats automatically make you look dressed up.


Fur Coat // Shop Lux Clothing

T-Shirt // Brandy Melville

Jeans // Topshop

Shoes // Steve Madden

Bag // Urban Outfitters

Bracelets // Alex & Ani

img_2705img_2693 img_2694 img_2692 img_2701 img_2702 img_2705


Dressing up a fur jacket is just as easy as it is to put together your favorite outfit. Grab a neutral shirt with some super cute booties + a cute chained cross body– you’ll be ready to take on the day/night! They’re the easiest way to add a super cute statement to your outfit that will most definitely keep heads turning!


Fur Jacket // Shop Lux Clothing

Shirt // Shop Lux Clothing

Jeans // Topshop

Boots // Free People

Bracelets // Alex & Ani

img_2727 img_2725 img_2722 img_2717

We’re vlogging our entire trip! Go ahead & check out the video below ———–>



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