AIRPORT ESSENTIALS // j + j take . . .

W E  A R E  H E A D E D  T O . . . 

Take a guess . . . .

. . . . and we’ll let you know Monday! haha thats so mean, we know . . . but it’s fun! haha

We are headed to some colder weather, that is for sure. Granted, most of the country is much cooler than Southern California right now, but we are excited to be experiencing ACTUAL fall, in a new place that we both have not been to yet!

So, here are some of our A I R P O R T travel essentials. We’ve both have had our fare share of flying, but this will also be our first time flying together and we can’t wait, because there is bound to be some drama ( surrounding us ) to follow lol

Let the adventures begin. . .

O H & here is some of the ” M U S T  H A V E S “ for the flight . . .


I T E M S ::

> Definitely c a n n o t board a plane without headphones! They are vital to a peaceful flight!

> iPad, its not detrimental, butttttt it keeps us entertained with movies, music, games, ect. & if you get wifi, then you’re golden.

> An extra battery pack. There have been many times that I have found myself stranded at the airport and can’t find ( an open . . . cause everyone hogs them ) an outlet. So frustrating, but these save your life.

> Chapstick. That is self explanatory, especially in the winter. Our skin feels the drrryyy weather in the winter!

> G U M. Yessssss. Must, must, must.

> A book. Now, we’re not huge book girls, but we know a lot of people are and hey, this book ( The Power of When ) is a perfect read! Even we love it L O L

> No matter how good you hair looks when you leave, by the time you arrive . . . something happens and B O O M, messy hair. So more times than not, I wear a ball cap / dad hat! They’re cute, yet comfy and save you some time!

> anddddd lastly, a cozy sweater. This one pictured is D E F S comfy! But it never fails to get chilly on the plane, so don’t forget something to cozy up with . . . or to use as a pillow in case of an emergency ( aka. wanting a pillow and not having one haha )


P R E P for more travel posts to come! and let us know what some of your  e s s e n t i a l s  are!!

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