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How rad are these Y A R N  W A L L  H A N G I N G S ?!

And even better…. they were actually S O easy to make! We put some on rings and some on a dowel rods and they both were super simple!

img_0830 img_0829

Here are the step-by-step instructions ::

Use your dowel rode or ring and simply loop knot the cut piece of yarn and fold it in half, then put it through the ring. Taking the loose ends of the string, we pulled them through the yarn loop and then pulled down. *This is called a lark’s head knot & get used to it cause you will be doing it a million and one times during this DIY hahaha*

Once you’ve got that down, you’re S O L I D! Loop as many pieces of yarn around the dowel and / or ring as you’d like, or to fit your rode or ring! The more the merrier with the amount of yarn, but again, this is so fun because its completely up to you and the look you want to go for!


…and to finish the dowel rode off, we simply tied a string to each end to hang it and its done!


Here is links to all the products we used ::

Grey Yarn

Cream Yarn

Oatmeal Yarn

Charcoal Grey Yarn

Gold Macrame Ring

Dowel Rode :: found at Lowes or any hardware store!

img_0820 img_0824Annnnnddd V U A L A, it is done and ready to be hung! These are the best, and easiest little original homemade home decor!

Let us know if you make these yourself, and we’d love to see your C R E A T I O N S .

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joy + justi


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