FALL Talks

FALL Talks


If we could only have one season for the rest of your lives.. it would be FALL.
Granted, yes. Every single girl loves fall at some point or another, but I think we have a greater fascination with it. Because of our total love for the fall season & everything that comes with it, we figured we would dedicate an entire post for all the things that we love during fall & all that we’re looking forward to.


There’s nothing like experiencing some chilly weather & having a reason to curl up in your favorite sweater — or there’s nothing like a cold fall morning. It’s the perfect in-between of cold but not unbearable that makes it all the more enjoyable. We love the feeling of being able to be close to people & enjoying the warmth, unlike summer when you’re trying to stay 30 miles away from everyone because it’s so hot out. ++ there’s no greater feeling than actually feeling like you could drink a cup of tea without sweating!!! (this is what happens when you’re from Southern California like us)

Not only is the temperature the best at this time a year, but THANKSGIVING is um, the best holiday of the year. We love all the food that comes with it + the opportunity to spend it with our families & close friends.
&& can we just get an AMEN for Pumpkin Pie?! We would eat that stuff year round if it was acceptable.

While we’re talking about pumpkin pie — anything pumpkin related is an automatic yes to us. Whether it be a pumpkin pastry, a pumpkin spice latte, a pumpkin scented candle, you name it & we most likely love it. There’s something in our brains that I feel associates pumpkin with a warm & cozy feeling that makes you just want to curl up by the fire place & drink a cup of tea.

CANDLES — these bad boys are at their all time peak during fall & winter!! The scents are unbelievably delightful, plus they’re perfect for a relaxation tip during the holiday season. Whether it’s something sweet smelling or a little bit more masculine, you can find the most amazing candles during this time of the year.

But lastly, our most favorite thing about fall is the fashion. This is hands down our favorite season when it comes to clothes, why you ask? Because there are so many options & it’s so fun to get dressed! You have the options of warm colors that typically wouldn’t be, during the rest of the year + the options of layering + booties/boots galore! The best part about fall fashion is that it’s not cold enough to the point where you have to compromise on your wardrobe choices but it’s super easy to make an outfit work by simply layering an extra sweater or a fun jacket!


We hope you guys are looking forward to this season as much as we are! Stay tuned for a bunch of posts every week + we’re going to begin to mix in video’s every week too — just so that way it’s more personal & you guys can get to know the real us a little more! So if you have any video’s that you’d like to see for the month’s of October or November, just leave us a comment or shoot us an email!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post & just listening to us talk about everything that we’re looking forward to in this season.




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