Lace Up T-Shirt // D I Y

Lace Up T-Shirt // D I Y

Who else is OBSESSED with these lace tie up T’s like we are?! 

We can’t get enough, so why not share with you girls how to, do it yourself *praise hands* 

Now, it takes some effort but don’t be scared…you can do it! It’s honestly pretty easy, especially if you have a sowing machine! But again, don’t fret if you don’t  l o l  you can still “make it work” ( Who remembers Tim Gunn from Project Runway?! I was an avid PR watcher HAHA ) 

Lets get started . . .

F I R S T :: Gather the supplies! Im going to link the supplies we used. We got ours off of Etsy, because we love how easy Etsy is and they always have everything needed for any of our attempts at “crafting” haha cause lets be real…we’re not a pro crafters or anything. 

g r o m m e t  s t r i p :: Etsy

c o r d i n g :: Etsy

You will also need //

Grab a fav band tee or even a basic T!


Sewing machine or sewing supplies



S E C O N D :: Cut the shirt in a ” V ” shape from the collar down. You can leave the collar or cut it out!


T H I R D :: Sew the grommet onto the edge of the cut out V. 

F O U R T H :: Take the cording and string it through the grommet . . .


a n d  walllaaaa  you are set! Now go rock your shirts and make sure to tag us in your pictures on Instagram so we can see! We are loving to incorporate these T’s into our summer / fall outfits… (LOL because its technically almost fall but still 100 degrees here in Southern California). They add a pop to a basic T and let me tell you… get ready for the compliments, cause everyone is loving these! 

We hope you girls E N J O Y



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