LUX SERIES // Part 3 of 5

LUX SERIES // Part 3 of 5


Summer is (sadly) already half-way gone & then we’ll be back to longing those rays of sunshine, the care free nights, & the bronzed skin that comes with summer. While we still have the advantage of enjoying our summer & the rest that it holds for us, we’re gonna talk about some of our summer essentials. We decided not to narrow it down to just beauty or fashion on this post when it comes to our essentials + but we decided to make it just about our essentials for life, whether it be outfits or drinks.

With that being said, let’s jump into —-> JOY & JUSTI’S SUMMER ESSENTIALS!


O U R  1 0  S U M M E R  E S S E N T I A L S 
1 . C O F F E E.
Who doesn’t love an iced cold brew + some coconut milk?
(for those of us with the issue of being lactose intolerant *cries*)
Perfect if you just want some caffeine but don’t want the 30 pumps of sugar that most latte’s have.
2 . L A V E N D E R.
Anything lavender is perfect for some summer (or just life) relaxation!
Lavender tea, Lavender Essential oil, etc. – we LOVE. It’s automatically calming and soothing.
3 . R O M P E R S.
So easy to throw on & it looks like you tried – we’ve said it before but this is our FAV.
Looking like you tried without actually having to.
4 . T H E  B E A C H.
We live in Southern California, so it’s not really summer here until you’re at the beach getting some sun and tanning!
5 . M A K E U P  P R I M E R.
Hourglass primer is a favorite and a must, so our faces don’t melt off, lol.
This primer may be a little pricier than most, but it’s worth the $$$ girls, I PROMISE!
6 . F L O R I D A  G E O R G I A  L I N E  &  S A M  H U N T.
You can almost always catch joy & justi in the car, rocking out to these guys….
or any country music at that point * heart eyes *.
7 . S P F.
We love a perfect sunscreen with an spf of 15 because you can still get tan but it keeps you from turning into a complete tomato… more like it keeps Joy from turning into a tomato because Justi is Colombian and well…she tans a lot better than Joy, to say the least.
8 . B E A C H  B L A N K E T S.
Round towels, tapestries, mexican blankets … we love them all for laying out on the sand!
(Seriously, if you haven’t use a tapestry as a beach towel/blanket, you’re missing out!)
9 . A V O C A D O  T O A S T.
Love, love, love.
You can keep it basic, just seasoned with salt & pepper or garlic salt, or spice it up with some dill cream cheese or cucomber …. or both!
10 . N E T F L I X.
Summer is always a good time to binge watch serval seasons of your new found favorite show on netflix! If you haven’t already, prison break is a must.


Rosemary Tie Romper

Wool Hat

Novi & Nash Leather Bolo

(Justi here- can we just talk about how Joy KILLED it with these pictures?!?!?! SO. GORG.
lol, but let’s get back to the post —–>)


Candy Baby Romper

Burgundy Hat


That’s it for part 3 of our Lux series, babes! Till tomorrow – but until then you can always entertain yourself by reading our posts over on Lux’s Blog & see what we’re talking about over there.
Also if you want any of the clothes that we’ve showed you in the last couple of posts, be sure not to hesitate & just get it before it sells out.

Hope you enjoyed!




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