the F O U R T H with joy + justi

the F O U R T H with joy + justi

 come along with us on our  f o u r t h  o f  j u l y  journey… and when i say journey, i truly mean journey. L O L .
yes , we went to the beach . . . yes, the beach, in southern california, on the fourth . . . don’t ask why. so , to go along with our crazy day, we decided to  v l o g. we want to start doing more videos for you girls! more vlogs regularly and we have some fashion, lifestyle & beauty videos planned as well! Give us some feedback and let us know if you like the vlogs? and any video ideas you might have!

scroll down to the end of the post to check out our vlog!




IMG_8754 IMG_8755


thanks for watching dolls! we hope you enjoyed our little blog from the fourth & stayed tuned for more videos & posts.

x o, JOY & JUSTI


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