F O U R T H O F J U L Y Outfit Inspiration + Tips FT. L U X

F O U R T H  O F  J U L Y  Outfit Inspiration + Tips FT. L U X


Okay, If you’re anything like us.. You never know what to wear for special events/holidays, so with Fourth of July coming up we naturally started freaking out a little bit. THANKS TO LUX, we found the most adorable outfits that are subtle & perfect for the fourth! If you’re like us, you also want to find a balance from being patriotic/cute but not wanting to look like a walking American flag, l o l. This is e x a c t l y what we found at LUX & we couldn’t be anymore excited to rock these looks this upcoming weekend!

Here are a couple helpful tips for styling your outfit on Fourth of July:

 Add a Red or Blue Bandana to any outfit for a subtle touch to make you instantly look patriotic.
Adding this to either a dress or a t-shirt & shorts automatically MAKES the outfit.

White always makes any kind of color that you wear pop, so try pairing a
shirt with red or blue accents & either white shorts or jeans.

Bold enough to do a red lip? A red lip on Fourth of July is a classic look. Adding a red lip
to whatever outfit will give you a classic look, no matter what you end up wearing!

NOW FOR THE FUN PART // Who’s dying for the links of all our Lux Stuff? (we got you, girl!)

J U S T I ‘ S  O U T F I T //

Denim Dress

Retro Grade Clogs

Layered Necklace
(currently out of stock, but you can sign up to be updated when it’s back in stock!)

Agate Canyon Ring


J O Y ‘ S  O U T F I T //

High Wasted Denim Skirt

Coast to Coast Tee

Lace Up Booties

Concho Choker

HOW CUTE ARE ALL OF THESE CLOTHES? Let’s just say, the girls at LUX most definitely know what they’re doing! They literally make us want to spend all of our money on their clothes.
(which is a good thing right, because that means they’re way to good at their job, right??? l o l)

X O , J O Y & J U S T I



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