21 Questions // get to know Joy + Justi

21 Questions // get to know Joy + Justi

1. Do you have any pets? 
Joy : Yes. One dog and his name is Jett…He’s spoiled and wants constant attention haha.
Justi : Yes. Two cotton balls, Misty and Freckles. They bark non stop and think they are guard dogs.

2. Name three things that are physically close to you? 
Joy : My iPhone, disney minnie mouse ears, and a cup of black coffee ( even though i don’t drink my coffee black lol )
Justi : My computer, my phone, my coffee ( made by my bf aka. personal barista )

3. Whats the weather like right now? 
Joy : Well its 8:46pm right now, so dark and slightly chilly but its California so who am I kidding… its pretty warm.
Justi : Bipolar, I don’t trust it. One day its cloudy, next day its sunny.

4. Do you drive? If so, have you crashed? 
Joy : Yes, I do. I have yet to crash ( knock on wood ) but I have come close… I’ve ran into a guard rail while getting on the freeway… No damage done *praise hands*.
Just : I do drive. I have yet to get into a crash, and I’ve also never gotten a ticket… but I’m also not a good driver so…

5. What time did you wake up this morning? 
Joy : 8:30… Im still recovering from Vegas.
Justi : 6:15, I was supposed to shower and take a nap right after, but that nap never happened.

6. When was the last time you showered? 
Joy : This morning, before I worked out… don’t ask why.
Just : Um, this morning at 6:30. I was half asleep, and same as Joy, before we worked out…I’m psycho.

7. What was the last movie that you saw? 
Joy : Allegiant. Im not a big movie person, but that series has me hooked. I really just am living vicariously through Beatrice.
Justi : Allegiant. All i remember was that it was really good but I don’t remember much about the movie lol.

8. What does your last text message say? 
Joy : “Okay sweet! I’m excited to see :)”
Just : “New number titi” ( She’s Colombian )

9. What is your ringtone? 
Joy : “Twinkle” from the iPhone ringtone options haha not very OG.
Justi : Same as Joy…

10. Have you ever been to a different country? 
Joy : If you count crossing the grass at the Canadian boarder, than yes. But I don’t even have a passport yet…
Justi : Yes, Colombia, Mexico. Aruba. Dominica. Bahamas. Canada. Israel. Thats it… HAHA.

11. Do you like sushi? 
Joy : Yessss. I give full credit to my boyfriend for that. Never really was a fan until we started dating and now, Im in love ( with him and sushi HAHA see what I did there ).
Justi : YES. I love it, my boyfriend hates it but slowly learning to love it. It’s slowly feeding my addiction.

12. Where do you buy your groceries? 
Joy : Well, I still live at home so when its not my mom shopping lol Its Barons, Trader Joes, and Roots.
Just : Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc.

13. How many siblings do you have? 
Joy : One sister, she’s a senior in high school and it freaks me out that she’s getting older.
Justi : Ok. Complicated situation.. So technically speaking I have two half siblings and three step siblings, but they are all way older than me so Im basically an only child.

14. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
Joy : 22… Ill be old & “feelin’ twenty-twoooooo oooh ooooh”
Justi : 20. No comment, its a boring age.

15. Do you wear contacts or glasses? 
Joy : Glasses, but its kind of like a ” My eyes will forever be jacked so I can wear the glasses whenever I want” kinda thing.
Justi : Glasses. Definitely should wear both but Im not feelin’ the contacts.

16. Do you color your hair? 
Joy : Yes. Im a hairstylist so I kind of feel like I’m obligated to.
Just : *asks Joy* “Um, what do I do with my hair?…” Yes, she does. L O L

17. Tell me something you are planning to do tomorrow? 
Joy : Go to work, workout, and probably do some more blogging!
Just : Honestly I have no idea, I have no homework so…

18. When was the last time you cried? 
Joy : I don’t cry very much but while on our drive to vegas someone decided to play a version of “I’m already there” with messages from military family at home and I about balled my eyes out.
Just : While watching Military coming home videos on Facebook last week… who doesn’t?

19. What is your perfect pizza topping? 
Joy : Pepperoni and Pineapple… that sounds so good right now.
Just : Oh my gosh… pepperoni and mushrooms. I have to have that on every pizza.

20. Have you ever had an all nighter? 
Joy : Yes, when I was like 12 and Ive never wanted to do it again. I enjoy my sleep.
Just : Yeah, only one when I was in like eighth grade. I enjoy my sleep.

21. Can you taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi? 
Joy : Yes. I’d say Coke is better… but I never really drink it so don’t take my word for it.
Just : Yes, definitely . Pepsi is disgusting.

Thats its kids, thats our 21 random questions… we’ll have more to come, maybe even including some guests *smirk face*  x o , Joy & Justi


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