Hey heyy, everyone! Its Joy here reporting for my own E N G A G E M E N T  S T O R Y post! I can’t believe its here, I feel like I was just reading over Justi’s story… pretty insane.

First off, I am so stoked to be starting this next chapter in my life with the man of my dreams. God has a plan for all our lives and it is just so cool to watch it unfold!

So lets take it back to April 16th, 2015 when we first started dating… we’ve come a long way lol. It has been such a fun time in our lives. We met through mutual friends, basically went on a blind date, and the rest is history 😉 Fast forward a little over 2 years and we are now engaged and about to get married!

Shane recently moved out to Florida for training ( he races motocross, if you’re lost at this point lol ) and it hasn’t been the easiest for obvious reasons…living across country from each other. With lots of traveling, we have totally made it work and are doing our best with what we have! We enjoy our time spent together even more than we ever had. It really opens your eyes to not taking living close to each other for granted!

We have known and have been talking about getting engaged for a little while now but I still had no idea to exactly when. Something I’ve always wanted, was to be surprised in the moment! So I didn’t want to know anything about when, where, or how he was planning on proposing. So on one of my recent trips to Florida, I had thought MAYBEEE it would happen this trip but I was also so confused and honestly just hopeful but had no idea if Shane had even been thinking about it. I remember getting my hair done before I left and my friend/hairstylist said “omg, I could be doing engagement hair!!” and I laughed and was like “That’d be nice but I really don’t think it will be this trip”.

I was out in Florida for a week and Shane had mentioned a couple things in conversation throughout the week that insinuated that he still had some things to do before he proposed, and that he was “working on it” and so once he said that, I was checked out of any idea that it would happen. That weekend ( Saturday, the day before I left ), we went down to Clearwater Beach, FL. Friends of ours were staying down there and so we spent the day with them on the beach and by the pool! Later that night we walked to dinner at a place right across from the sand, super pretty. We left dinner as the sun was going down, I was tired and ready to head back since we had a two hour drive back!

As we were walking back from dinner, our friend Sam wanted pictures of her and her family on the beach in front of the gorgeous sunset, so we walked on over and I had found a pretty cute and decent spot on the sand but it was by the bathrooms and right off the street… but in my eyes, it had a good background and thats all that mattered for the picture! haha We took a couple shots there but then they all wanted to walk to where there was a jetty to take some “more photos” aka away from the bathroom and all the people haha and so we headed over there. I took their photos and then of course I wanted a photo of me and Shane since we hardly have any non-moto related pictures and thats when it happened!!

  I turned to him and he said “Can we get married already?” We we jokingly say all the time but I knew when he said that, that he was about to ask and he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask. It was awesome and I couldn’t be more happy. I was definitely surprised and that isn’t easy to do! We are so excited to be getting married and to start our lives together!

So keep your eye out for my wedding series 😉

Now, due to Shanes insane schedule, we are getting married at the end of this September…yes, I said it. We will have had  2 1/2 month engagement. Our choice was to either get married now, or wait next October and with him living across country and all that it entails, we decided to take on the craziness and get married this year. It will be so worth it and again, we are so so happy.

Thanks to everyone for all the love and I cannot wait to share with you girls all the lovely details!



I T ‘ S  T H E  F O U R T H . . . already.

We really cant believe the 4th is already here again, and this year seems like it flew by, but with that aside, we love this time of year and what better way to celebrate that, than with food, obviously 😉

We are all about cool & refreshing snacks and this one was pretty dang good! It is super easy and perfect for those hot days . . . cause we all know your 4th of July will most likely consist of some heat!

We hope you girls enjoy this recipe just as much as we did!

I N G R E D I E N T S ::

– yogurt ( we used a lactose free vanilla yogurt, but use whatever flavor or milk base that you prefer! )

– fresh strawberries

-fresh blueberries

– sliced almonds ( we used almonds, but again, feel free to use granola too! )

– cacao

D I R E C T I O N S ::

It is as simple as it looks but the fun part is layering it however you’d like!

We first put a layer of yogurt, then topped it with strawberries, then a layer of blueberries followed with another layer of yogurt, and repeat!

Repeat those steps as many times as you’d like and then finish the top off with the almonds and cacao!

We then stuck our jars of goodness into the freezer for about 30 minutes to let them set and chill! Once they were chilled, without hesitation we ate the whole thing! They were so good, we had to hold ourselves back from making seconds! haha

H A P P Y  4th O F  J U L Y



It’s been a hot second since we showed you babes all of the products that we’ve been loving! Now that summer is here, so is the heat, we like to keep everything that we do & all of our routines super simple! Some of our favorites include some make up that will stand the test of time in summer, hair products that will eliminate that frizz summer (& humidity) brings, and a couple of our random favorites!
Enough chatting- let’s get into our JUNE FAVORITES.



1. Kevin Murphy Hair Products //
Pictured are the travel sizes of the wash and the rinse. This company has seriously changed our hair for the better! Joy introduced them to us since she is a hair stylist & I can’t imagine ever going back to anything else. Kevin Murphy’s hair products leave your hair feeling soft and silky, even after the first wash! It’s basically magical.

2. Mirrored Ray Ban Sunglasses //
We constantly get asked where we got this almost every single time we go out! I also think these will be one of my all time favorites when it comes to sunglasses– they’re the perfect size & color, plus the reflective shades make it even better!

3. PF Candle Co. //
If you know us, then you know that we have a major candle obsession.
We have a candle obsession for multiple reasons, the first is we both have a fear of our rooms/house smelling bad, so every morning the first thing we both do is light a candle. (the second reason why we’re obsessed with candles is mainly because we love having the flame going, lol)
PF Candle Co.’s candles smell amazing + have a great burn time!


4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation //
This has been one of our holy grail products for year but it’s especially a necessity when we’re coming into these hot, summer days! This foundation isn’t just going to “sweat off” + will also stand the test of water!

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbush Foundation //
We use this overtop our Tarte foundation to ensure that we stay nice & matte all day long!
* we never have to re-apply throughout the day, YASSS.

6. Hempz Lip Balm //
Always the best & most moisturizing lip balm! You can never go wrong with it.


7. New Morning Mercies //
Our favorite devotional of all time. We’re big believers in devotions that don’t just make you feel good, but empower you to live a gospel centered life & constantly challenge you to see what you need to change in your life!

8. PLANTS //
To see that we want greenery everywhere lately would be an understatement.
Plants add so much to any room & we can’t seem to stop buying them!



That’s going to be it for our June favorites! If you guys enjoyed this blog post, be sure to let us know!
We’d love to hear what your favorites are for the month, so share those in the comments below! Till next time.


J O Y & J U S T I

We are coming at you with yet another, Coffee Crawls! We honestly love doing these… we have several more coffee shops up our sleeves that we can’t wait to share with you!

T H E  P R E S S  E S P R E S S O

The Press is a must if you are in the Temecula area! So cute, quaint, and the coffee is one of the best in the valley hands down! They are based in Old Town Temecula, and use teas from Old Town Spice & Tea Merchants, who carry specialty teas and spices from all over the world! Um yes, because their chai latte is one of the best that I’ve ever had…and I’ve had my fare share! Joy here, I’m sure you could have guessed that by the chai comment 😉



Lets be real, we don’t like to go to a coffee shop if its not aesthetically pleasing… obviously unless the coffee is even better, which we do have some favorites that are more of a homey feel, over cute haha but for you girls, we bring you the cute stuff!

So with that, yes, The Press is definitely up to par! They have an awesome atmosphere filled with such unique decor and pieces!

They are a little on the smaller side, but we don’t mind it being a little more on the quiet side sometimes!


Like I said, it is on the smaller side but they have slightly expanded recently by adding a few more tables!

The atmosphere is perfect for working, reading, studying… as long as you get a table! Or sit at the super rad bar top!


Hands down a 10 out of 10!

They are specialize in craft espresso, coffee, and tea! All their syrups/sauces are hand made . . . yes, hand made. So delicious and pure. Nothing is overly sweet! If you are looking for true coffee, this is the place.

Now, we’ve both tried several drinks there and loved all of them! So to narrow it down to one each is more difficult but we will give you our top three drinks to try!

T O P  3  M U S T  T R Y  D R I N K S :

 -Chai Tea Latte with Coconut Milk ( our milk of choice )

-Almond Milk Latte

– Honey Lavender Latte with Almond Milk

& the Lemon Poppyseed Vegan Donut is a slight must too 😉


Now, I only give a 6 out of 10 because they don’t offer “food” other than pastries. Butttt let us tell you, their pastries are A M A Z E. They also sell Compartes Chocolate . . . amen to that.

They have macaroons, bagels, croissants, vegan donuts, and more! Perfect pairings with your coffee or tea!



And by the photo above . . . yes, it is definitely instagram worthy! Check out theirs and it will take you want to go even more @thepressespresso !


Now thats our thoughts on The Press Espresso, and if you get a chance to go visit, do yourself a favor and go enjoy an latte for us 😉


J O Y  &  J U S T I

It’s that time of the year . . . shorts season!

And if you are anything like us, you have a love hate relationship with it. Shorts are not always the easiest thing to find . . . finding the right fit of shorts for you body is key! We wanted to share some of our top favorite short styles with you because sometimes all you need is a little help with finding the perfect pair of shorts, so we got you girls!

We have a few different styles, all are denim + one linen to add some spice 😉 But, you just can’t go wrong with denim shorts! Black denim, blue denim, tan denim . . . it’s all our favorite!

Here are our  T O P  5  S H O R T S  F O R  S U M M E R  . . .

1. H I G H  R I S E  D E N I M  S H O R T   —  Nordstrom

2. F R A Y E D  D E N I M  —  Nordstrom

3. B L A C K  D E N I M  M O M  S H O R T  —  Top Shop

4. T R A D I T I O N A L  D E N I M  S H O R T I E  — Foi Clothing

5. B E I G E  C U T  O F F S  —  Free People


   We would love to hear what shorts are some of your favorites! Comment and let us know, cause we always have our eye out!


J O Y  &  J U S T I